New album: Langkamer || The Noon And Midnight Manual

In an interview in the most recent issue of Mojo Magazine, Colin Blunstone talks about The Zombies’ first session in a professional studio, recording She’s Not There: “A conversation between Rod and me went along the lines of: If you are totally committed to your performance, it can’t be wrong.” Although in a different genre, I have the feeling that this was also the approach to the creation of The Noon And Midnight Manual, the sophomore full-length by Bristol (UK) four-piece Langkamer, released almost two years after their debut LP West Country. Anyway, it’s a good one.

It has been scientifically proven that smiling is contagious; the ten new songs here sound like the musicians have played them with big smiles, which also makes us listeners feel better. Using influences ranging from slacker rock ‘n’ roll and fuzzy garage rock to Vampire Weekend-like jaunty summer pop and melancholic alt-country, the band has found an attractive and varied own sound in which an eye for detail and clever lyrics go hand in hand with original melodies and uplifting harmony vocals. Highlights include singles Sing At Dawn and Hatchet, but also tracks like Sarah and Vanity Fair are very likeable.

The Noon And Midnight Manual, produced by Tim Rowing-Parker, is out now digitally, and on cassette, CD and vinyl LP, through Breakfast Records.

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