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New single: Street Sweeper || Street Sweeper

If you are worried about the Aussies ruling the airwaves, I’ve got bad news for you. Their reign got even stronger.

Meet Street Sweeper from Melbourne, a four piece that Rock-‘n’-Rolls with capital R’s on their self-titled debut single. The three songs on the 7″ sound like a punked up Thin Lizzy by the way of Eddie & The Hot Rods and The Dictators, or better said, freakin’ awesome. Street Sweeper are here to scratch that itch for loud, groovy and catchy rock-‘n’-roll.

Get this one before they run out at Legless Records, whose roster (including Split System, Stiff Richards, Jackson Reid Briggs and many others) has become a thing of beauty. Oh, and about those airwaves….If I’d tell you Street Sweeper is currently working on a full length, that would be pretty great news right?

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New EP: The New Brutarians || Don’t Want To Know Your Secrets

Adam Turkel and Christina Wright make a glorious return as the prolific lo-Fi Glam Pop Rock N’ Roll duo The New Brutarians. Call them inspired or possessed, but Turkel and Wright somehow keep churning out gems of songs. The Don’t Want To Know Your Secrets EP is the latest and greatest, with 6 songs that were created in the afterwake of the band working on their new album. Self-produced and recorded in spontaneous fashion, songs like I Don’t Want To Know Your Secrets, In My Next Life, and Enterprise have all the charm I’ve come to associate with The New Brutarians: Ramshackle and pure rock’n’roll romanticism distilled to its essence. The EP also offers some surprises, like the addition of horns to some of the songs. Or what about the ecccentric 7 minute closer Standing In The Doorway?

The New Brutarians do whatever they feel like, and it’s a joy to witness.

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New EP: The Dahmers || Ghouls In The Garage

We are not big on holiday timed and themed releases. So kudos to The Dahmers (Sweden) for releasing their latest horror themed EP a couple of months after Halloween. Then again, most if not all songs by the band are horror themed, so it makes sense The Dahmers do not limit themselves to one release day in the year or the occasional Friday the 13th.

The four-song Ghouls In The Garage EP is out now on a 7″ through Spanish label Ghost Highway recordings. It’s a criminally contagious record and a no-brainer if you are into this kind of music that is almost like a pop punk take on arena rock, or a hair metal band’s take on pop punk. Pretty polished, full of hooks, high energy, huge choruses, there are no fillers on the EP, a quadruple A-side single. How can you not fall for the empathic Bats Need Friends Too, the made-for-stadiums Black Widow, or the bubblegummy rock’n’roll fueled Ghost Of Roy Orbison?

Play this one loud!

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New album: Slander Tongue || Monochrome

Slander Tongue are from Germany (Berlin), but channel the energy of the ’70s music scene of NYC on their new album Monochrome. Slander Tongue’s brand of rock’n’roll is sleazy and glammy, not necessarily frantic, but energetic and lively to the max. Perhaps a little less dirty compared to their debut self-titled LP, but the band traded that for an increase in catchiness. Monochrome showcases the most accessible version of Slander Tongue yet. I can’t help but bop my head to these songs.

Get your rocks on and buy Monochrome at Alien Snatch. And if you think these lads sound good on record, make sure to catch them live sometime soon. Trust me!

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When Add To Wantlist Met Jay Castro (Audio Ammunition) And Josh Rutledge (Faster And Louder)

ATW is all about sharing new music we are excited about, it’s not a vanity project at all. But we couldn’t pass up a chat with two of our all time favorite bloggers: Jay Castro and Josh Rutledge for their Born Too Late radio show on WFMU. We discussed the start of the website, our love for music, writing about music in the digital age, fighting musical paralysis, attending shows and much more. We had a blast talking to these likeminded souls and picking songs for the show. Curious? Stream the show at WFMU’s website.

New single: Brower || Where Is The Magic? / The Rainbow and More

Great news: New York glamrockband extraordinaire Brower have joined Wick Records. Their first release for the label is a 7″ containing two absolute throwback ’70s powerpop gems. The press releases is spot on about the A-side: “Like a newly discovered lovechild of Big Star and The Raspberries, Where is the Magic? serves up a sonic smorgasbord of tasty riffs, saccharine melodies, swinging groove and swagger that sounds like it was pulled from a lost session at Ardent.”

On flipside The Rainbow And More, the band members take their time putting all the pieces and elements on the board. Once the song gets moving though, the rewards are massive.

7″ expected to ship this week. This one will be flying from the shelves.

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New single: Billy Tibbals || Onwards And Upwards

It appears that L.A. based Curation Records uses some sci-fi mechanics or something in that order. The label seems to have a direct connection with the world of ’70s powerpop and glam. How daft that may sound, it’s the most likely explanation for the authentic sound of their roster. We all know (and love) Uni Boys of course, and here’s another artist to fall for: Billy Tibbals. Recorded with Uni Boys drummer Reza Matin, the two song Onward And Upwards/Lucy single is a killer debut. Onwards And Upwards is an instant classic and Lucy is too good to be a b-side.

Welcome to the wantlist, Billy. Pretty sure this won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing you.

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Music Year-End List || Niek’s Favorite Singles and EPs of 2022

Ah…the short format release! Fewer songs than the full length and at a higher hit percentage. What’s not to like? 2022 proved to be a particularly great year for singles and EPs, and below you’ll find my 50 favorites of the year ranked in alphabetical order. Enjoy reading and listening. And, if you haven’t already, make sure to also check out our other end-of-the-year lists, here, here and here. See you all in 2023!

Music Year-End List || Dennis’ Favorite Singles and EPs of 2022

We previously shared our lists of favorite albums – here‘s Niek’s and there‘s mine – but there were also some shorter format releases that I noted as wantlist worthy. Below you can listen to the Top 50 singles and EPs that I enjoyed the most last year – quite an eclectic selection, but imho all pretty cool. I’ve excluded releases with songs that also appear on my AOTY overview, and also left out individual songs. Links point to Discogs or Bandcamp (the headings), and to previously posted reviews (in the body text) – add to your wantlist (or collection) what you like!

New single: TRAMP || Bleed​/​She’s Fast

And now for some R-rated rock’n’roll, here’s TRAMP featuring Vikki Venom (AKA Gabbie Bam Bam), Suzie Sleeze and Joey Deuce. The Bleed/She’s Fast is the second single by the band, and I have no idea why I haven’t written about the first one. Both singles are an excellent mix of punk, glam, rock’n’roll, girl group and garage. Vikki Venom and Suzie Sleeze don’t hold back on the lyrics front either. There is a raunchy spoken piece in She’s Fast that will make the Shangri-Las blush. Meanwhile, Bleed touches upon the subject of…well just listen to the lyrics and find out for yourselves.

As catchy as NSFW, TRAMP are massive fun. Out early January through Surfin’ Ki Records, shipping around Christmas.

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