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New single: Wyldlife || Fast Dreams

Wyldlife's Latest Hi-Score Hitting Single

Wyldlife (NYC) is making their debut on the Wantlist today, and I’m baffled why we haven’t covered the band before. Their sleazy, infectious powerpop’n’roll is right up our alley, after all. There is a logical explanation though. Their new Fast Dreams 7″ (out now on Wicked Cool Records) is the band’s first release since we launched this site.

Fast Dreams is a high-octane rocker that comes with an equally animated video, featuring the band in glorious 8-bit rendition. It’s like your favorite vintage arcade game came to life and started a band. On the flip side, Wyldlife pays homage to Tom Petty with a loving and inspired take on You Don’t Know How It Feels.

This is a hell of a single that’ll leave you hoping we don’t have to wait another three years for more from these NYC noise-makers

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New EP: Sunday Mourners || Boyfriend/Girlfriend

I’m puzzled by the lack of attention this next record is receiving. Is it because its sound defies easy categorization, blending elements of protopunk, ’60s garage, psych, glam, and jangle into a rare mix of outsider rock ‘n’ roll? Or is it because the band looks and sounds like they’ve stepped out of a time machine from six decades ago? I’m not sure, but my gut tells me people should be all over this next band.

I’m talking about Sunday Mourners, an L.A.-based quartet of youngsters who seem like they could be genetically altered in a lab to contain the DNA of rock ‘n’ roll’s original icons. Their music is best experienced directly rather than described. The 6-song Boyfriend/Girlfriend EP offers a rewarding, uniquely original, yet strangely familiar listening experience. Sunday Mourners have “critics’ darlings” written all over them. They are eccentric and creative, but also surprisingly accessible. Start with the stellar opener Airliner, and let yourself be slowly taken over by this band!

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New reissue: Eastside Suicides || Streets Got Your Baby

In 2003, Austin, Texas-based punk rock band Eastside Suicides released their self-titled debut album on CD through Super Secret Records. It involved ten dirty and dangerous songs in the tradition of New York Dolls – garage punk meets glam rock – with Frankie Nowhere as the charismatic frontman. Now it’s released on vinyl for the first time, as a remastered 20th anniversary reissue, under a different title – Streets Got Your Baby – with alternative cover art. Most important: this music hasn’t lost any of its dirt, power and expressiveness, and the four ‘new’ bonus tracks that close the record – Tear Me Apart, Justa Lookin’, All Dressed Up and Streets Got Yo Baby – are no less than what precedes them.

Streets Got Your Baby, remastered by Jack Control, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Desolate Sounds.

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New single: Killer Kin || Point Blank b/w Mr. Dynamite

Remember Killer Kin? They will tour Europe for the first time in May and June, and to mark the occasion, have teamed up with Amsterdam-based Wap Shoo Wap Records for a special 7” release.

While Killer Kin may look like rock stars, they play like rabies-infected predators leaving nothing but sonic wreckage in their wake. The single features two tracks: Point Blank, a blistering yet catchy new track, and Mr. Dynamite, a cut from their 2023 debut album. Both songs make for a primal and exhilerating rock’-n-’roll single to give your music collection the kick in the pants it’s been craving.

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New EP: Billy Tibbals || Nightlife Stories 

Just take a good look at that cover. That is a rock star from a bygone era, right? Now hit play on the first track – see the video below. Forget about the neighbours for a second. Crank up the volume. This is the real deal, right?

Billy Tibbals has been on a mission to revive the golden era of glam rock, and with each EP and single, he’s been injecting new life into the genre. His latest EP? It’s pure fire. With the exception of closing track Dream Away, Billy Tibbals turns up the rock while toning down the theatrics just a notch. Whatever type of ’70s rock-‘n’-roll is your preference, something gritty or something smoother, Billy Tibbals let’s the good times roll – much like that amazing recent Daniel Romano LP. The nostalgic flair of Billy Tibbals works magic. Killer stuff, really!

Nightlife Stories is out on 12″ vinyl at Silver Arrow. It’s streaming everywhere, except for Bandcamp.

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New album: Membrains || Membrains

Philadelphia’s Membrains do not lack confidence. Their tagline? “The best goddamn rock-n-roll band to exist!” While my personal taste leans towards humility, certain genres thrive on brazen self-assurance, making it a prerequisite for any aspiring rock-‘n’-roll outfit.

And boy do Membrains have attitude to spare on their barely twenty minute debut album! Their bold demeanor, while slightly menacing, adds an exhilarating edge to their sound. Nowhere is this more evident than on the glammy garagepunkrock anthem Your Man, a standout track that catapults the band to new heights. Membrains’ touch of fearless bravado is undeniable here and who can resist that?

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New album: Poison Boys & Jonesy || Split LP

A couple of months ago, Ghost Highway Recordings released a split LP by Poison Boys (Chicago) & Jonesy (Montreal). Although we covered these two bands before (here and here) I held off on sharing my thoughts until I had heard both sides of the LP, and now I have finally checked that box, it’s an instant add to the wantlist.

That these two bands would one day team up for a split LP seemed inevitable as they are complementary in their approach to keeping the spirit of ‘70s glamrock’n’roll alive. Of the two, Jonesy leans slightly more towards classic rock whereas Poison Boys have a rougher edge to their sound. But, at the bottom line, both bands like their guitars loud and sleazy, their choruses anthemic and hooky, and their drumsticks smoothly rolled between fingers. Each band covering a song from the other underscores the natural and genuine connection between Jonesy and Poison Boys.

This is music from a bygone era, proudly unfashionable—and thank goodness for that!

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New album: The Blackburns || The Blackburns

Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United, The Rentiers) and Nick Palmer (Wax Wav, The Danger-Os) started The Blackburns at some point last year. The creative synergy between the duo, along with additional members Lynna Stancato (vocals and synth) and Abe Koffenberger (guitar) was so strong they have released their full length debut within a year. It is out now courtesy of Sell The Heart Records.

The Blackburns are the kind of band I think will resonate with many of our readers. For starters, this band rocks! What’s more impressive though is their refusal to be confined to any specific subgenre. The album kicks off with Hooks, a glammy radio friendly rocker. It’s followed by Southern Chester County, which to my ears sounds like a modern power pop update of Shoes. Chill City Population You is ’90s alt pop hit material, while Status: Someday embodies the ’00s indie rock vibe. Drama Club sounds like Bob Mould at his catchiest. Listening to this album feels like tuning into a self-sustaining radio station where, instead of changing the channel, you’re eager to learn more about the band. It that applies to you as well, read more about The Blackburns in this interview at Sweet Sweet Music Blog.

Currently, only Hooks is available on Bandcamp. Find the remainder of the record on the streaming service of your choice.

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New EP: Videoflip || Videoflip

Sometimes, quality rushes in like a gust of wind. Last year, members of Scaners, Beaten Brats, Claimed Choice. and Mogs spontaneously formed Videoflip out of a shared love for early pub rock and punk out of Australia and the UK. The band only needed a couple of rehearsals and a few days in the studio to create their 7-song self-titled debut LP. The LP is out now through Dangerhouse Skylab, which is the in-house label of the Dangerhouse Record Store in Lyon (France).

Starting with the standout opener Mauvaise Humeur, Videoflip blast through genres with reckless abandon, delivering a turbocharged mix of pub rock, punk, and glam. This is raw energy yet melodic rock’n’roll with a gritty, sleazy sound that adds a layer of primal urgency. From Lyon to your speakers, Videoflip’s debut LP is proof that sometimes, good things arrive in heartbeat.

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New album: Boston Babies || Boston Babies

Even though they’re in their early twenties, labeling Madrid trio Boston Babies as mere rookies would be a serious misjudgment. In fact, they operate like seasoned r’n’r pros on their self-titled debut (mini)LP; skilled and hungry, perhaps a bit unlucky, being born 25 years too late. But they look and play like they don’t care at all. The band’s raw punk rock, with more than a hint of glamrock’-n’-roll, is explosive and stage ready to light a fire under audiences worldwide.

It’s inspiring to see a fresh breed not just proudly pay homage to the classic punk forefathers, but also succesfully resurrecting the gritty spirit of ’70s-era NYC. LP out now at Slovenly!

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