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Remember discovering your new favorite band or song for the first time? That rush, that sense of wonder, the immediate urge to listen to it again? And again? Nowadays, access to music is so ubiquitous, and so much music is being released, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. To just sit back and enjoy the classics and same old songs. We get it.

Addtowantlist.com is here to help you fight off that musical paralysis. Add To Wantlist is run by two brothers on a constant journey to uncover past and future gems in an ever expanding musical landscape. We share what we dig up and like. Because we care, about the music, and about the artists. So try it. And if you also like it, buy it. Or, put it on your wantlist if you’ve already bought too many records this month. We will post primarily about records (or digital releases), but will throw in the occasional book and documentary recommendation. Follow us on Twitter for additional recommendations, interesting reads, and discount codes and sales at record stores.

Musical Tastebuds

Dennis: ‘I try to find a balance between old & new in my listening and collecting behavior. I still play and buy classics – from The Animals to The Zombies, from 60’s garage to C86 jangle, from Slobberbone to Thin Lizzy, from northern soul to southern rock, from Little Richard to Big Star, from Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Uncle Tupelo, and so on – but I’m also always looking for new music, coincidentally often artists who have <1,000 listeners on the streaming services. My kids describe my listening menu as ‘gravelly voices with ramshackle guitars’, which is quite accurate most of the time. Here, I will mainly write about garage / country / indie rock, jangle pop, and soul, probably with some exceptions.’

Niek: ‘I have a soft spot for bands who ‘hit all the wrong notes at the right time’ (I totally stole this from Bob Mehr’s excellent biography of the Replacements). I like my music short, fast, loud, and catchy though not necessarily all at the same time. I still listen to 80’s hairmetal. Here, I will post primarily about punk, powerpop, indiepop, indierock and jangle.’


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At Add To Wantlist, we’ve poured countless hours into crafting a space where the love for underground music can thrive. It warms our hearts to know that readers, labels, and bands appreciate the effort we put into battling the robots and algorithms to curate the finest releases. However, behind the scenes, we’ve been facing the rising costs of keeping this site alive. Hosting, domain names, spam filters, firewalls and the like have seen unexpected spikes lately. If you find yourself in a position to support Add To Wantlist, we’ve set up a donation page where any contribution, big or small, will go directly towards covering these operational costs. Your contribution will help to keep Add To Wantlist run smoothly and ad-free.

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