New album: Alien Nosejob || Stained Glass

Jake Robertson writes and records music as Alien Nosejob like there is no tomorrow. Stained Glass is album #4 in the past two years, and yet it has the urgency of a debut LP. Clearly, Robertson either doesn’t do writer’s block or his sources of inspiration are unceasing. In case of Stained Glass, that inspiration seems to come from one source especially, and that is Bon Scott era AC/DC records. The sharp guitar work, the solo’s, the high pitched voice, it’s impossible not to think about AC/DC while listening to this record. It’s released through Total Punk Records though (and Anti Fade in Australia), so at times this is more like AC/DC played at 45rpm. Only a couple of listen in and I can’t help but feel this is the best Alien Nosejob LP yet. Robertson combines killer guitar riffs with punk attitude and a sense of urgency to create an exhilerating rock’n’roll party. Everyone’s invited.

Stained Glass is out now, just in time to consider for your AOTY lists.

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New album: Magnatech || De Favorieten Expres!

The father of Ireland-based surf musician Johannes Bernardus Verhoef aka Magnatech passed away early this year, and after 9 months of mourning and reflection, he now pays a grand tribute. On his new album De Favorieten Expres! – the title refers to a Dutch series of popular singles from the 60s – the artist plays some of the songs his dad taught him to love: “All foundations of everything I know in music I learned from him.” Beautiful premise, well executed: you’ll hear eleven instrumental surf tunes with Indorock influences that will certainly appeal to fans of the genre.

De Favorieten Expres! is out now digitally and on CD through Sharawaji Records. The proceeds of this album will be donated to kidney and prostate research. The vintage cover art is by Julian Weber.

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New EP: Outta Hand || Buzz Pop EP

Outta Hand are a new pop punk band from Ottawa that sound pretty old school. Their five song Buzz Pop EP is highly enjoyable and shows a lot of promise. The songs are super melodic and if I had to compare them, they sound like a mix of Teenage Bottlerocket and The Parasites.

The band is still looking for a drummer, so if you live in the area and like what you hear, you know what to do.

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Dusted || The 10 Best Cover Songs Of November 2022

Not all new music is really new, as many artists cover songs. Sometimes these are songs by their favorite artists, eg as a tribute to such a musical hero for a special reason, or they simply feel that a song deserves to be dusted and polished to reacquaint fans with great songs from the past. Other times, bands cover songs as a parody. Regardless of intent, some of those cover versions are so good or so much fun, we’d like to put a spotlight on them. Chosen from a wide range, here are – in random order – ten of our favorite covers from last month – links to the pages where you can add them to your wantlist included.

In November, a bizarre number of new cover releases saw the light of day, including tributes to Billy Joe Shaver, Pavement and Jack Terricloth by various artists, Seth Avett singing Greg Brown, also William Fitzsimmons doing his whisper rock thing, Phil Wolff honoring Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen interpreting soul music. We listed about 40 covers that would be worth sharing (apart from the countless alternative versions of Christmas classics; if you had to listen to one, choose Drummer Boy by Titus Andronicus adapted from Billy Joel’s Piano Man, or Vista Blue’s We Practiced All Year Long including a cover of a Kmart ad from 1979). Here are the 10 covers – X-mas free -we liked the most.

Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again || Cover: Dune Rats & Friends || Original: The Angels
Now this is fun in every way. For triple j’s Like A Version feature, Australian garage punk trio Dune Rats cover Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, from the self-titled debut LP (1977) by their compatriots The Angels. To add to the party, they are joined by their friends Ruby Fields, Jackson Van Issue (Beddy Rays), Anna Ryan (Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers) and Kelly Jansch (TOTTY), as well as The Angels’ Brewster brothers themselves. Nice to see how they are all enjoying themselves, and so are we. If you want to hear more from this band: their most recent album Real Rare Whale is just as entertaining.

New album: Delivery || Forever Giving Handshakes

There is a full rollercoaster cart pictured on the front cover of Forever Giving Handshakes, the debut LP by Australian post punk band Delivery – its five members are in the front of the cart. It’s a fitting image for the record, which shows a band that loves to mix it up in terms of intensity, pace, unafraid to take unexpected cuts and corners. Forever Giving Handshakes is the kind of record you can’t simply judge by listening to one song, you have to take the complete ride to get it. When you do, you’ll find a band that constantly balances between Aussie garagepunk and angular post punk. There is the angular guitar work and rhythms you normally associate with post punk – with plenty of bite I should add, but there are straightforward punk tracks as well. The vocals, that are best characterized as shouting and talking rather than singing, sprinkle these songs with that special magic sauce Australian bands have patented.

I didn’t intend writing about this record, but something keeps pulling me back to it, finding new things to like with each revisit. A grower of an album, out now on LP through Feel It & Spoilsport Records, and Tape via Anti Fade Records.

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New single: Miesha And The Spanks || I Can’t Wait / Dig Me Out

Miesha And The Spanks are a duo from Calgary – Treaty 7 Territory to be precise, but more on that later. Miesha refers to Miesha Louie, The Spanks are a nod to the revolving cast of drummers that supported her on stage. Her latest and longest partner is Sean Hamilton. The two play a powerful brand of soulful garage rock that sounds kinda huge and full of hit potential. The first time I heard I Can’t Wait, I was blown away by Miesha’s voice. The song is super catchy and honestly should be a major hit. If you’re like me, this song alone makes you want to buy this 7″ asap.

The flipside Dig Me Out again showcases Miesha’s amazing voice, but is  much darker and emotionally heavy. The song is a tribute to the lost children of North American residential schools. Those schools aimed to “kill the Indian in the child”, and while this is bad enough in itself, those schools did much much worse than that. The discovery of 215 unmarked graves in the former Kamloops Indian Residential School is just one of many examples. These atrocities are unfathomable and hard to think about, and yet it important to learn about these dark facts*. Miesha And The Spanks show that music can be a powerful tool to raise awareness. Make sure to watch the video to the song.

Buy this 7″ at Reta Records.

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* The Kuper Island podcast (CBC) was hard to listen to, but taught me a lot about these residential schools

New EP: Swansea Sound || Music Lover

Obviously we really liked Swansea Sound’s 2021 Live At The Rum Puncheon LP, with which band members Amelia Fletcher (vocals), Hue Williams (vocals), Rob Pursey (guitar, bass) and Ian Button drums) also indicated not to be a big fan of corporate business. So I was somewhat surprised that they release their new 3-track EP on a Christmas card, featuring notorious faces from the dark side in the accompanying video. When I then heard the sarcastic lyrics, it became clear how we should see this. The brand new lead single Music Lover is a short, punk pop tribute to Daniel Ek, the co-founder and CEO of Spotify who earns much more more from music than the artists on his platform. The song is a hell of an earworm, which other musicians will sing along loudly. The CD also includes Happy Christmas To Me and Cheap Trick cover Merry Christmas Darlings, previously released on a limited edition 7″ single that sold out quickly last Christmas.

The Music Lover EP is out today digitally and on CD in a Christmas card through Skep Wax. You can have the card signed by the band, or left blank so you can write your own festive messages to loved ones.

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PS  Swansea Sound will release a new full-length in 2023!

New album: Farewell Horizontal || Tales Of Woah

This is the third time we we write about Melbourne duo Farewell Horizontal. In part, this is due to the prolific nature of the band. Anytime they have recorded ten songs they are content with, they drop a new album. Tales Of Woah is the latest – their fourth in two years. There are a lot of reasons why I feel Farewell Horizontal needs more listeners. Their integrity is one: the band prefers an old school website over social media and donate about all of their proceeds to good cases. Their sense of humour’s another. The band’s blogpost with track-by-track commentary on the new album is recommended reading, full of lines like: “My mum is from rural Ireland. Long story short, I have an accordion.”

But I don’t just write about this band because they are good and funny human beings. Their music is simply too good to ignore. Tales Of Woah is 28 minutes of indie rock goodness. Ten mostly upbeat songs “about existential crises, old computer games, cynicism, voyeur landlords, sellouts, having a cold in summer, the struggles of the DIY artist, and arseholes who live by the sea.” That last part refers to Brighton’s Full Of Arseholes, the first of several standouts on the record. My favorite part of the record is the hit dense sequence of The System Works, I Don’t Understand Anything Anymore and Never Give Up (Unless You’re an Asshole).

According to the band, Tales Of Woah is their best record yet. They are not wrong.

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New album: MICH || Nuts

Amsterdam-based indie pop band MICH is back with their third album, simply called Nuts, just as short and sweet as their tunes. In less than half an hour, the five-piece delivers twelve bouncy songs with cheerful melodies and gloomy lyrics. The music has a melancholic 1980s feel, with rhythmic synths, jangly guitars and dreamy vocals. The sound is more summery than autumnal, but I guess this would also work very well at an illegal dance party in a barely lit warehouse in the middle of the night.

Nuts is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP (picture disc) through Excelsior Recordings. On the record you hear Pieter Janssen aka Piet Parra (you also may recognize his artwork), Sofie Winterson, Bastiaan Bosma (Aux Raus), Rimer London and Mick Johan. Live on stage the band consists of Sofie Winterson, Bastiaan Bosma, Mick Johan, Benny Komala, Marc Kniphorst and Barend Brieffies.

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New single: The Kimberly Steaks / No Matter || Split

The split 7″ is a winning concept, especially when both bands rock and are trying to outdo each other in writing the best songs. This Kimberley Steaks (Scotland) & No Matter (N.Ireland) split single is a bit like a Federer – Nadal matchup: Both play a different style, yet both hit hard and are evenly matched, making the audience the ultimate winners regardless of the outcome. To be sure, both bands play poppy punk rock, but The Kimberley Steaks sound like early Green Day, while No Matter sound more like a mix of The Copyrights and Teen Idols.

The single (out now through Brassneck Records) features 2 new songs from each band. The digital version includes 2 bonus tracks with each band covering a song by the other.

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