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A constantly updated overview of new releases we look forward to.

July 14:
Wanita || I’m Wanita
The Wind-Ups || Try Not To Think

July 15:
Chain Whip || Two Step To Hell EP
Richard Hughes || Record Shop
Tunnel Traffic || Take My Power

July 16:

April Magazine || Sunday Music For An Overpass
Greg Antista And The Lonely Streets || Under The Neon Heat
Boy Golden || Church of Better Daze
Dog Heaven || Dog Heaven
Stephen Fretwell || Busy Guy
Hallan || Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor (EP)
Heavy Seas || Everything Breaks
The Let Me Downs || Tacoma Is For Lovers
John R Miller || Depreciated
Marc Ribler || The Whole World Awaits You
Matthew Milia || Keego Harbor
The Recalls || There Is No End
Three Berry Icecream​/​Funny Little Dream || My Summer Melody
Wavves || Hideaway
Women Of the Night || Sub Rosa

July 19:
Choke Boy || Chalk

July 21:
Grady Strange || Getting Stranger

July 23:
The Academy Blues Project || Once Again…
Bambis || Too Tough For Trousers
Dead Nature || Watch Me Break Apart
EXIL || Warning
Golden Apples || Shadowland
Geoff Palmer || Charts & Graphs
Pale Lips & The Sorels || Do The Rumbar Rumble
The Peppermint Kicks || The Peppermint Kicks
Piroshka || Love Drips & Gathers
Pony Hunt || VAR!
Emma-Jean Thackray || Yellow
Upper Wilds || Venus
Wristwatch || Wristwatch

July 26:
The Cold Stares || Heavy Shoes
The Smile Case || Only On The Loneliest Nights

July 30:
Big Fundamental || Hyperbeam
Ryan Curtis || Rust Belt Broken Heart
Kyle Falconer || No Love Songs For Laura
Durand Jones & The Indications || Private Space
Juleah || Stoked On Planet Summer
Los Lobos || Native Son
Lysol || Soup For My Family
Pageants || Sun And Settled Days
Charlie Parr || Last of the Better Days Ahead
Psychic Flowers || For The Undertow
Alex Rex || Paradise
Sister John || I Am By Day
Sonny And The Sunsets || New Day With New Possibilities
SPLLIT || Spllit Sides
Suitor || Communion
The Surfing Magazines || Badgers of Wymeswold
Sweet Teeth || Acid Rain
The Tubs || Names EP
Yola || Stand for Myself

July 31:
The Lipschitz || Chevron

August 1:
Exnovias || Un Nuevo Dia
Leighton Koizumi & Tito And The Brainsuckers ||  Power Hits

August 2:
Joe James & The Pariahs || The Secret Lives Of Susan Blythe
The Starlitt Hues || Lifting Off The Ground

August 3: 
Mud Whale || Everything In Moderation

August 6:
The Animal Steel || A Surefire Way To Get Sober
Anytime Cowboy || Bug Bite
Catbite || Nice One
Ellen Foley || Fighting Words
Friendly Fire || Junebug
Jonah Gold And His Silver Apples || Spread The Disease
Laura Stevenson || Laura Stevenson
Lassie || The Golden Age Of…
Loudness War || Dream Popped
The Umbrellas || The Umbrellas

August 9:
Didion’s Bible || No Caveat

August 13:
Avilda || Négatif
The Cold Stares || Heavy Shoes
Entropy || The Future Is Bright
Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt || Ghosts Always Win
The Killakee House || Without Wax EP
Eric Stephen Martin || Dreamlike
The Nonsense || Wake Me Up When The Nonsense Ends
Slow Coda || Slow Coda
Sorrows || Love Too Late
Swerve || Ruin Your Day
Typhoid Rosie || Queen Of Swords
Way Shit || Shame

August 20:
Chris Acker || Odd, Ordinary, & Otherwise
Alien Boy || Don’t Know What I Am
Jim Bob || Who Do We Hate Today
BRNDA || Do You Like Salt?
Winston Churchbus || Trophy Husband
Late Runner || Nothing’s Real Anymore
James McMurtry || The Horses and The Hounds
Mesopeak || Mesopeak
Narshardaa || Dûrga “sequoia”
Justus Profit || SpeedStar
Shannon and the Clams || Year Of The Spider
Telethon || Swim Out Past The Breakers
Villagers || Fever Dreams

August 27:
The Bronx || Bronx VI
Tré Burt || You, Yeah, You
Chubby and the Gang || The Mutt’s Nuts
Divine Horsemen || Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix
Gloo || How Not To Be Happy
Straytones || Magic Green River Swimmin’ & Stunning Tarzanka Experience
Turnstile || Glow On
EG Vines || Through the Mirror
Warmer Milks || Soft Walks

August 31:
Smirk || EP

September 1:
The Garages || Discipline
Grand Honey || Canopy

September 2:

September 3:
Bokassa || Molotov Rocktail
The Hawkins || The Aftermath
Meatbodies || 333
Monnone Alone || Stay Foggy
Spirits Having Fun || Two
Timbre Ghost || The Great Northern
Toner || White Buffalo Roam

September 7:
Cuello || Venga
The Limiñanas / Laurent Garnier || De Película
Motorists || Surrounded
Stay || Old Sounds of Modern Music

September 10:
Amyl and the Sniffers || Comfort To Me
Future Crib || Full Time Smile
Colleen Green || Cool
Human Noise || Animal People
I Feel Fine || The Cold In Every Shelter
Pokey LaFarge || In The Blossom of Their Shade
Pist Idiots || Idiocracy
Daniel Romano || Cobra Poems
Sincere Engineer || Bless My Psyche
Smug Brothers || Application Of The Twig
We Were Promised Jetpacks || Enjoy The View

September 12:
Goodbye Honolulu || Goodbye Honolulu

September 14:
Blunt Bangs || Proper Smoker

September 15:
CAPITOL || All The Rest Of My Heads (EP)
Jesse Malin || Sad And Beautiful World
Positive Violence || No Such Thing!

September 17:
Action Park || You Must Be This Tall To Die
Bad Bad Hats || Walkman
Dirty Shrines || Digital Ego
The Felice Brothers || From Dreams To Dust
Lurk || Around The Sun
Scott Lavene || Milk City Sweethearts
Smoke Bellow || Open For Business
Sweet Nobody || We’re Trying Our Best

September 21:
Cherry Cheeks || Cherry Cheeks

September 24:
Beach Body || Walking Holiday
Nolan Potter || Music Is Dead
One Step Closer || This Place You Know
The Shivas || Feels So Good // Feels So Bad
Stomatopod || Competing With Hindsight

September 25:
Kevin Nichols || Disappointer

September 29:
Fortitude Valley || Fortitude Valley

September 30:
Thanks For Coming || #1 Flake In North America

October 1:
Cindy || 1:2
Ducks Ltd. || Modern Fiction
Heavy Heart || Closer
TK & The Holy Know-Nothings || The Incredible Heat Machine
Work Party || My Best Days Are Behind Me

October 8:
Pip Blom || Welcome Break
Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton || Something is Going to Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say?

October 12:
A Very Special Episode || Fix Your Hearts Or Die

October 15:
Bantam Lyons || Mardell
La Luz || La Luz
Namesake || Redeeming Features

October 22:
Together Pangea || DYE

October 29:
Mythical Motors || A Rare Look Ahead
The Parrots || Dos

November 12:
Courtney Barnett || Things Take Time, Take Time

More to follow!

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