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A constantly updated overview of new releases we look forward to.

April 9:
Orions Belte || Villa Amorini
Blurt || Cut It
The Pink Stones || Introducing… The Pink Stones
The Limit || Cavemen Logic
The Reds, Pinks & Purples || Uncommon Weather
Saccades || Flowing Fades
PONY || TV Baby
iogi || Everything’s Worth It
Samantha Crain || I Guess We Live Here Now (EP)
Hot Breath || Rubbery Lips
Never Better ||| Do Better
Silver Synthetic || Silver Synthetic
Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band || Dance Songs For Hard Times
Heavy Feather || Mountain of Sugar
The Blips || The Blips
The Routes || Mesmerised
Parker Millsap || Be Here Instead
Lisasinson || Perdona Mamá
True Lions || The Fempire Strikes Back
Proud Parents || At Home With…
Courting || Grand National (EP)
Ryan Blackman || House Of Rabble
The Dirtiest || Sovranista
S.U.G.A.R. || S.U.G.A.R.
Cheap Trick || In Another World
Whatitdo Archive Group || The Black Stone Affair
Nick Waterhouse || Promenade Blue
Delgres || 4.00AM
Peggy Seeger || First Farewell
Wau Y Los Arrrghs || Viven
Winds || Look At The Sky
Jason Jefferies || I Am Sky
Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble || NOW

April 16:
Greta Van Fleet || The Battle At Garden’s Gate
The Tremolo Beer Gut || You Can’t Handle …
Dark Tea || Dark Tea
Misty Coast || When I Fall From The Sky
Sven Hammond || Sphere
Nightingales || Pigs On Purpose (Reissue)
Noods || Blush
Crocodile Candy || Enjoying The Moment
Jakob Mind || The One Who Got Away
Emily Rodgers || I Will Be Gone
Layten Kramer || Dear Apathy
Natural Information Society With Evan Parker || Descension (Out Of Our Constrictions)
Autogramm || No Rules
Bil Vermette || Hunting For Planet 9
Jesse Aycock || Jesse Aycock
Joystick! || I Can’t Take It Anymore
Matthew Leger || The Way We Were
Death From Above 1979 || Is 4 Lovers
Chris Perry || A Head Of Smoke
The Offspring || Let The Bad Times Roll
Repo Fam || Venus Fly
Tincho || A Decent Descent
Blue Ocean || Blue Ocean
Unschooling || Random Acts Of Total Control
Jason McNiff || Dust Of Yesterday
The Lucid Dream || The Deep End
Condition  Oakland  ||  Basement Disciples

April 20:
Los Esplifs || Estraik Back

April 23:
Remember Sports || Like a Stone
Sindy || Horror Head
Field Music || Flat White Moon
Tom Jones || Surrounded by Time
Proper Nouns || Feel Free
Harker || Axiom
The Emerald Isle || The Emerald Isle
Blood Lemon || Blood Lemon
Rata Negra || Una Vida Vulgar
The Flaming Sideburns || Silver Flames
Rose Petals  ||  American Grenadine
Enamorados || Baila Mi Ritmo
Dumpstaphunk || Where Do We Go From Here
Walking Bombs || Tears We Should Have Shed
PM Warson || True Story
Mike Edison / Guadalupe Plata || Devil Can’t Do You No Harm
Flowertown || Flowertown
Lobo RUINS || Second Wind
Wasuremono || Let’s Talk, Pt. 1
Orchid Eaton || Where All Ends Meet
Tambourina  || Tambourine Dream
Steve Cropper || Fire It Up
The Sprawl || Cancelled Future
Den Tapes || What You Wanted
William Maxwell || It’s Been Here Changing For a Long Time

April 27:
Change Into Fire || Was Always Meant

April 30:
Teenage Fanclub || Endless Arcade
Warish || Next To Pay
Joseph Shabason || The Fellowship
Juan Wauters || Real Life Situations
Mope City || Within The Walls
Big Mother Gig || Gusto
Lovebreakers || Primary Colours
The Legal Matters || Chapter Three
Grave Flowers Bongo Band || Strength of Spring
Lee Bagett || Just A Minute
Phantom Handshakes || No More Summer Songs
Brad Marino || Looking For Trouble
Ruby Bones || Laser Tooth tiger
La Cabane de Bladwin || Hotel BC
Bloom 604 || BLOOM
The Nuclears || Seasides
Beachy Head || Beachy Head
Julia Stone || Sixty Summers
Luke Haines || Setting the Dogs On The Post Punk Postman
Paul Jacobs || Pink Dogs on the Green Grass
Electric Looking Glass || Somewhere Flowers Grow
Great Deceivers || Great Deceivers
Dye Crap || Dye Crap
WRD || The Hit
Candy || A Pull To Heal

May 1:
Holiday Ghosts || North Street Air
The Downstrokes || Unsafe At Any Speed
Finn’s Motel || Fireworks or Lightning
Nailed In || Shovel

May 4:
Night Beats || Outlaw R&B
Jim Trainor  || Staring Down The Sun

May 6:
John Moods || So Sweet So Nice

May 7:
Squid || Bright Green Field
Carter Tanton || Carter Tanton
Will Stratton || The Changing Wilderness
Last Days Of April || Even The Good Boys Are Bad
Graham Sharp || Truer Picture
Rosali || No Medium
Mutes || Dreams Of Being Cornered
Cold Moon || What’s The Rush
Paper Mice || 1-800-MONDAYS
Walter Etc. || There There
The Harriets ||  A Little Something EP
Gorilla Club ||  Ok Cool!
Century Egg ||  Little Piece Of Hair

May 8:
The Garages || Discipline

May 14:
Pardoner || Came Down Different
Fightmilk || Contender
John Andrews & the Yawns || Cookbook
ROY || Roy’s Garage
Ramirez Exposure || Exit Times
Riley Downing || Start It Over
Shiny Times || Let’s Get Shiny!
Johanna Samuels || Excelsior!

May 15:
Weezer || Van Weezer

May 20:
Gabe Hascall || Realize What’s Real

May 21:
Jess And The Ancient Ones || Vertigo
Rose City Band || Earth Trip
Marinero || Hella Love
Reigning Sound || A Little More Time with Reigning Sound
FACS || Present Tense
Radio Days || Rave On!
Robert Finley || Sharecropper’s Son
Penfriend || Exotic Monsters
Merrym’n || More From Merrym’n
Good Sleepy || everysinglelittlebit
Jared Mees & The Grown Children || Real Connection

May 28:
Aquarian Blood || Bending The Golden Hour
The Baseballs || Hot Shots
The Datsuns || Eye To Eye
The Dirtiest || Sovranista
Gaza Strippers || From The Desk Of Dr. Freepill…
Lou Barlow || Reason to Live
Matt Caskitt and The Breaks || Welcome Home
Modern Amusement || Modern Amusement
Neighborhood Brats || Confines Of Life
Palette Knife || Ponderosa Snake House and the Chamber Of Bullshit
Smiling || Not Rock
The Sunburys  || So Close Now…
Supreme Joy || Joy
UV-TV || Always Something

May 29:
299 || The 299 Game

June 2:
Tristen || Aquatic Flowers
Adult Oriented Pop || 06:15 AM
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizzards || Retrofuturisme Vol. 2

June 3:
Kiss The Tiger || ViciousKid

June 4:
Be Cool Cowboy  ||  Leisure
Dez Dare || Hairline Ego Trip
Japanese Breakfast || Jubilee
Leisure Sport || Title Card EP
Paris Pick || Hope For The Best
Qlowski || Quale Futuro?
The Telephone Numbers || The Ballad Of Doug
Woody & Jeremy || Gravy In My Coffee
Yumbo || 間違いの実 / The Fruit Of Errata

June 11:
Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts || Honky Tonkin’ Beauty Supreme
Dead History || Dead History
Fred Lee & The Restless || Sleepwalking In Daylight
Quivers || Golden Doubt

June 18:
Amy Helm || What the Flood Leaves Behind
The Catenary Wives || Birling Gap
Dag || Pedestrian Life
Jesuslesfilles || L’heure idéale
Twisk || Intimate Polity

June 25:
Dead Nature || Watch Me Break Apart
Hiss Golden Messenger || Quietly Blowing It
Massage || Still Life
Mt. Misery ||  Once Home, No Longer
Robot Fox || Sham Rage
Spud Cannon || Good Kids Make Bad Apples

July 16:

Hallan || Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor (EP)
The Recalls || There Is No End

July 30:
The Surfing Magazines || Badgers of Wymeswold

August 27:
The Bronx || Bronx VI

More to follow!

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