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A constantly updated overview of new releases we look forward to.

October 22:
The Amplifier Heads || SaturnalienS
Belaver || Lain Prone
Black Marble || Fast Idol
Clinic || Fantasy Island
The Copyrights || Alone In A Dome
Gabriel Bernini || You Got Me
Wendy Dunlap || Looking For Buildings
The Exbats || Now Where Were We
Freeloader || Freeloader II
Good Morning || Barnyard
Gosh Diggity || Runaway Rocketboy
Teddy Grey || The Great Failed Romances of the Twentieth Century
Guided By Voices || It’s Not Them, It Couldn’t Be Them, It Is Them
Human Noise || Animal People
Jungle By Night || Algorhythm
Macaroni Birthday || Macaroni Birthday Time
My Morning Jacket || My Morning Jacket
Parquet Courts || Sympathy For Life
Power Supply || In the Time of the Sabre​-​Toothed Tiger
Pretty Inside || Grow Up
The Right There || Northern Town
Rutterkin || A Portal For Spirits
Virgil Shaw || At The Time I Didn’t Care
She/Beast || Violent Tendencies
The Surfing Magazines || Badgers of Wymeswold
Together Pangea || DYE
Tonstartssbandht || Petunia
Zoo || No Man’s Land

October 29:
Bat Fangs || Queen Of My World
The Be Positives || Everything About…
Bitchin Bajas || Switched On Ra
Joe Bonamassa || Time Clocks
Mauro Durante & Justin Adams: Still Moving!
Sam Evian || Time To Melt
Fortitude Valley || Fortitude Valley
The Kundalini Genie || Half In, Half Out
The Last Mile || Respect The Frequency
Mythical Motors || A Rare Look Ahead
The Parrots || Dos
Rural France || RF
Susto || Time in the Sun
They Might Be Giants || Book
The War on Drugs || I Don’t Live Here Anymore
Wine Lips || Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party
Why Bother? || A Year Of Mutations

October 30:
Big Time Machine || Ride the Wave
The Modern Folk || Primitive Future II

November 1:
Ed Askew || Sleeping With Angels

November 3:
Spring Owls || Love Evolving (EP)

November 5:
Bitch Queens || Custom Dystopia
Brutalligators || This House Is Too Big, This House Is Too…
Chime School || Chime School
Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice || Remember The Future? (Vol 2 & 1)
Steve Conte || Bronx Cheer
First Annual || Rock And Roll Never Forgives
Neal Francis || In Plain Sight
The Grease Traps || Solid Ground
Curtis Harding – If Words Were Flowers
Karrot Kake || Cakewalk
The Laissez Fairs || “Curiosity Killed The Laissez Fairs​?​”
Low Life || From Squats To Lots: The Agony And XTC Of Low Life
People Years || XIV
Postage || Postage
The Ramonas || Haphazard

November 12:
Damon Albarn || The Nearer The Fountain
ANNA || Guilt
Alien Nosejob || Paint It Clear
Pip Blom || Welcome Break
The Bug Club || Pure Particles
Cat Valley || Feral
Courtney Barnett || Things Take Time, Take Time
Endless Boogie || Admonitions
Holm || Why Don’t You Dance
Idles || Crawler
The Monsters || You’re Class I’m Trash
Reckoning Force || Broken State
Snarls || What About Flowers? (EP)
Two Thumbs Down || End All Be All
West Coast Music Club || Take A Deep Breath

November 13:
Gentleman Jesse || Lose Everything

November 15:
Pack Rat || Glad To Be Forgotten

November 19:
The Darkness || Motorheart
Nick Frater || Earworrms
Love Tractor || Themes From Venus
Mapache || 3
Ovlov || Buds
Robert Plant & Alison Kraus || Raise The Roof
States of Nature || Songs To Sway
Traffik Island || A Shrug of The Shoulders
Weakened Friends || Quitter

November 26:
Jessica’s Brother || Just Rain
Semi Trucks || Vs. California

November 29:
Lavender Blush || You Are My Moonlight

December 1:
Pleasance House || Digging Strawberry Ditches

December 3:
Jason Boland & the Stragglers || The Light Saw Me
Andrew Gabbard || Homemade
C. Joynes || Poor Boy On The Wire
Memory Boys || Frown Thrown
The Swaggerlies || The Last Of The One And Onlys
The Teskey Brothers & Orchestra Victoria || Live At Hamer Hall

December 14:
The Kernal || Listen to the Blood

>> 2022 >>

January 14:
Garcia Peoples || Dodging Dues

January 21:
Goodnight, Texas || How Long Will It Take Them To Die

January 28:
EELS || Extreme Witchcraft
St Paul and the Broken Bones || The Alien Coast

February 4:
Los Bitchos || Let The Festivities Begin!
The Districts || Great American Painting

February 25:
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard || Backhand Deals
Mom Jeans || Sweet Tooth

March 4:
Eades || Delusion Spree

More to follow!

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