Upcoming Releases

A constantly updated overview of new releases we look forward to.

January 27:
The Arcs || Electrophonic Chronic
Bass Drum of Death || Say I Won’t
The Jackets || Pie in the Sky/Misery of Man
JW Francis || Dream House
Fucked Up || One Day
Kaery Ann || Songs of Grace and Ruin
King Tuff || Smalltown Stardust
Lip Service || Funny Face
Lousy Sue || Artless Artificats
LOVE GANG || Meanstreak
L.T. Leif || Come Back To Me, But Lightly
Mozart Estate || Pop-Up! Ker-Ching! And The Possibilities Of Modern Shopping
Sweet Baboo || The Wreckage
The Tubs || Dead Meat
UJU || The Sun Is In Our Eyes
White Reaper || Asking For a Ride

January 28:
Juvenile || Juvenile EP
The Wirms || III

February 1:
Tekla Goldman || TAśMA

February 2: 
The Drin || Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom
The Overbites || Time To Go
Adam Reid & The In-Betweens || The Numbers Keep Repeating
Soft On Crime || New Suite

February 3:
Appleseeds! || æblefrø
Blonde Revolver || Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere
Cold Comfort || ALL POWER NO SOUR
Dain Griffin || Dead Flowers
DeWolff || Death & In Between
Jarrod Dickenson || Big Talk
Dignan Porch || Electric Threads
Dogheart || Jumping The Ramp
Alexis Evans || Yours Truly
Robert Forster || The Candle And The Flame
The Go! Team || Get Up Sequences Part Two
Hamish Hawk || Angel Numbers
Ibex Clone || All Channels Clear
King Slender || Gold Days
James Brandon Lewis || Eye Of I
Nile Marr || Lonely Hearts Killers
The Men || New York City
My Dad Is Dead || Pow!
Regal Cheer || Cans
SHOEFITI || CityT error
Tombouctou || Tricky Floors
The Waeve || The Waeve
Young Fathers || Heavy Heavy

February 10:
Airstream Futures || Armer L’harmonie
Baby Cool || Earthling on the Road to Self Love
Bikini Beach || Appetizer
Laure Briard || Ne pas trop rester bleue
Civic || Taken By Force
Cor De Lux || Media
Doctor Mother Father || Feelin’ Fine
The Golden Dregs || On Grace & Dignity
Gray Vines || Young Hearts
Tim Hill || Giant
Pearla || Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming
Those Pretty Wrongs || Holiday Camp
Vic Ruggiero || Stuff In My Pockets
Andy Shauf || Norm
Tee Vee Repairmann || What’s On TV
Vista House || Oregon III
Wrong Life || Wrong Life
Yo La Tengo || This Stupid World

February 14: 
Hollow Hand || Your Own Adventure
Pandemic || Love Is Obliteration
Sukoï Fever || New Phase

February 17:
Aino & Hajonneet || Kuluneita kaikuja
Big Nobody || Ripped From The Dream
Blues Lawyer || All In Good Time
Grade 2 || Grade 2
New Pagans || Making Circles of Our Own
Ottis Coeur || Léon
Pile || All Fiction
The Pomps || Bottom Of The Pomps
Screaming Females || Desire Pathway

February 24:
Gina Birch || I Play My Bass Loud
Death Valley Girls || Islands in the Sky
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF || Failure Not Success
Dougie Poole || The Rainbow Wheel of Death
En Attendant Ana || Principia
Fat Heaven || Trash Life
Fixtures || Hollywood Dog
Lemon Pitch || Threat Of Weather
Redbug || Long Night
Brix Smith || Valley Of The Dolls
Scarlet Street || Scarlet Street
The Telescopes || Experimental Health
Thats Nokay || Radical Presence
Unloved || Polychrome

February 25:
FLKS || High On Life

March 2:
Simon Rowe || Everybody’s Thinking

March 3:
Black Adidas || Black Adidas
Ryan Allen || The Last Rock Band
Can’t Swim || Thanks But No Thanks
Gee Tee || Goodnight Neanderthal
Grocer || Scatter Plot
Hello Mary || Hello Mary
Home Front || Games Of Power
Inventory || Memory Is A Pillow
Marcel || Charivari
Rough Kids || The Black and White and Grey
Toilet Rats || IV
Truth Cult || Walk The Wheel
The Whiffs || Scratch ‘N’ Sniff

March 4:

March 10:
CAVA || Damage Control
Shana Cleveland || Manzanita
Eyelids || A Colossal Waste Of Light
Ryan Hamilton || Haunted By The Holy Ghost
Launch || Tough Love
MSPAINT || Post-American
The Nude Party || Rides On
Pamplemousse || Think of it
Frankie Rose || Love As Projection
Ulrika Spacek || Compact Trauma
Whitney’s Playground || Sunset Sea Breeze

March 17:
Daddy Long Legs || Street Sermons
GA-20 || Live in Loveland
Space Kelly || Come To My World: a tribute to Sarah
Surf Friends || Sonic Waves

March 24:
the black watch || Future Strangers
The Bouncing Souls || Ten Stories High
Connections || Cool Change
Darling West || Cosmos
Andy Fairweather Low || Flang Dang
Grande Royale || Welcome To Grime Town
Mary Anne’s Polar Rig || Makes You Wonder
Oceans || Dreamers in Dark Cities
Purling Hiss || Drag On Girard
Adam Spry || Slightly Off Kilter
Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops || Manic Fever

March 28:
Dave Hause || Drive Like It’s Stolen

March 31:
Bar Stool Preachers || Above The Static
Bony Macaroni || The Big Bucks
The Hold Steady || The Price of Progress
The New Pornographers || Continue as a Guest

April 1:
The Wand-ers || Twelve Big Ones
Nick Waterhouse || The Fooler

April 7:
Blondshell || Blondshell
Mudhoney || Plastic Eternity
NEWSKI || Friend Rock
Worriers || Warm Blanket

April 10:
Balance Lost || Mooting Videoland

April 14: 
Lachlan Denton || Furnishings
Brian Dunne || Loser On The Ropes
Miesha And The Spanks || Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi
Pynch || Howling At A Concrete Moon
The Tallest Man On Earth || Henry St.
Terry || Call Me Terry
The Wood Brothers || Heart is the Hero

April 21:
Everything But The Girl || Fuse
Holiday Ghosts || Absolute Reality
Rose City Band || Garden Party

April 28:
Country Westerns || Forgive The City
Dropkick || The Wireless Revolution
The National || First Two Pages Of Frankenstein

May 26:
AJJ || Disposable Everything

June 23:
Martin Frawley || The Wannabe

More to follow!

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