Gimme 5!

With Gimme 5! we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: Artists WE like share five records THEY love. Below you’ll find an overview of the contributions so far. Click on the image >> read >> listen >> add to wantlist.

Jack Droppers shares five albums that inspired Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions’ new album Scooter: “I think music naturally explores our relationship with time, and the best albums honor its the brevity.”

C.C. Voltage shares 5 recommended records in celebration of his new podcast (The Eradicators) and forthcoming Autogramm LP: “Boy, picking 5 albums that I think other people should have in their collection is really hard!”

Noah Lekas and Ian Grant from American Restless share 10 albums that influenced Rust Belt Rock N Roll: “No one will ever make another like it, but it’s a good hill for us all to try to climb.”

S.W. Lauden shares 5 albums that inspired Volume 1 of the new music journal Remember The Lightning: “I truly believe we’re living in a guitar pop golden age with artists from around the world making some of the most vital rock and roll in recent memory.”

Tom Brown (Rural France, Teenage Tom Petties) takes us back to his teenage years with his new single and picks 5 favorites: “I’d be lying to myself and rewriting history if I didn’t include them in this list.”

Neil Evans shares 5 albums that have impacted Parallel Bars: “Most songwriters get inspired by other artists. I just get discouraged.”

Peter Matthew Bauer (The Walkmen) shares 5 recent favorites in anticipation of his new LP Flowers: “Like who can just jump all over the map and write and play so many different types of music?”

R.E. Seraphin shares 5 songs that inspired his recent songwriting: “I hope to someday be this uninhibited on a recording.”

T.E. Yates shares 5 albums he listened to during his most prolific phase as a songwriter: “I warm to songwriters and bands who go on a bit of a journey.”

Evan Seurkamp (The Laughing Chimes) shares 4 classic inspiration albums and 1 newer one more people should hear: “Every single song is a musical gem and yet every single song sounds like it was recorded inside a noisy refrigerator.”

Trevor Lake shares 5 all-time favs in anticipation of Televisionaries’ debut LP Mad About You: “Now I know we have all been force fed the notion that Elvis P. is the king of rock ‘n’ roll and may have invented rock ‘n’ roll, but that’s just a farce if you ask me.”

Elise Okusami (Oceanator) shares 5 albums she had on repeat in this pandemic: “Loud, heavy, but with good poppy hooks and riffs. All my favorite things.”

Mickey Leigh shares five records he fell in love with in anticipation of his solo debut Variants Of Vibe: “I knew it sounded like “old” music, but it made me curious about what they’d heard in that “old” music that they liked enough to enable them to make songs like that.”

Ryan Hamilton shares 5 albums that influenced 1221: “Damn, I miss David Bowie.”

Lake Artifik shares his five favorite albums: “There are these occasional occurrences with some records that for some reason just resonate with you at a precise moment in time.”

Stephen Steen of Megadose shares his five favorite records: “If you know me, you know it would be impossible for me not to include a Talking Heads record on this list.”

Natalie Sweet shares her 5 favorite Go-Go’s songs: “A guaranteed good time, every time.”

Geoff Palmer shares 5 albums that influenced Charts And Graphs: “I credit Evan Dando for my intro into powerpop.”

Zeno Jones & Rodney B. (Cold Beverage) share 5 records that influenced their debut album Hot Wax: “We both love recordings that are done live, recordings that have to accept imperfections.”

Nakia & Simon Black (The Sound Station) share 5 must own records: “We could definitely name all the garage beat rock’n’roll bands and compilations like Born Bad, Nuggets and Back From the Grave, that entered us into the world of fuzz.”

Elli de Mon shares 5 albums that influenced her the most: “My guitar teacher told me I wasn’t the right pupil for him.”

Stella Maxwell of Stella And The Very Messed (and Cruiserweight) shares 5 records that influenced the Marigold EP: “If you want to know what was stuck in my head when I was trying to articulate to my band how I wanted our song The Feeling to sound, this was it.”

Massage share 5 albums the band listened to while creating Still Life: “Maybe someday we’ll get there!”

Jake Sprecher (Terry Malts, Smokescreens & Jonathan Richman) shares his top 5 quarantine albums that sound absolutely nothing like his new project The Wind-Ups: “I could probably listen to that break alone for 24 hours straight.”

Spud Cannon shares 5 albums that influenced Good Kids Make Bad Apples: “Nearly every member of our band has “Fleetwood Mac’d” it at one point or another.”

Devon Milley shares the top 5 records he and his Ex Press bandmate Matt bonded over during the pandemic: “We’re constantly obsessing over the same records and making each other playlists.”

Brad Marino shares 5 records that influenced his new record Looking For Trouble: “I know what I thought sounded good and just used Keith as a reference.”

Jiffy Marx (Autogramm) shares the top 5 CDs that are in his truck right now: “If I was going to start a reissue label this would likely be top of my list for first releases!”

Simon Jackson shares 5+ songs that reflect the eclectic sound of Hogchoker: “Whenever we’re trying out a new musician for the band I play him or her these songs”

Jakob Mind shares 5 classic albums that inspired The One That Got Away: “It’s hard to describe so you should have a listen yourself”

Rob Nesbitt (The Suitesixteen) shares 5 monumentally important albums that deserve another look: “That moment takes about 2 seconds but in that 2 seconds I found what I wanted to do with my life”

Jacob Lewis (Western Threads) shares 5 albums that inspired Cowboys in Montmartre: “I had an English teacher once, Ms. Rob, who judged male authors by how well they rendered their female characters”

Scott Davis (Virginia Trance) shares 5 records to listen to in 2021: “The list I did create is a mixed bag because an eclectic listening experience is crucial”

Chelo (Fievre) shares 5 essential punk releases from Argentina: “There are many very good Argentine punk bands, so it is difficult to choose only 5”

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