New album: Las Los || Las Los

Fancy some psychedelic indie soul? The self-titled debut LP from Las Los is at your service. It’s a new project by Paul Schalda (Paul & The Tall Trees, The Sha La Das) and Max Shrager (The Shacks), who first met as members of late Charles Bradley’s touring band ten years ago, here assisted by a rhythm section featuring members or Thee Sacred Souls, The Shacks and Kane & James. The record consists of ten dreamy songs, skillfully played and amazingly produced. The atmosphere is largely hazy and sultry, but by incorporating elements from other genres we’re surprised again and again. Lead single All Through The Day preceded the album a year ago, but could easily be one of the upcoming summer hits.

The self-titled Las Los album, produced/engineered/mixed by Max Shrager, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP (self-released). Featuring Paul Schalda (lead vocals) and Max Shrager (guitar, keys, background vocals, percussion), with Alex Garcia (drums, guitar), Sal Samano (bass), Ben Borchers (drums, percussion), Kane Maraday (bass) and James Maraday (guitar). Additional musicians on selected tracks: Billy Aukstik (trumpet, flugelhorn), Cassandra Dalí (background vocals), Joe Harrison (keys), Evan Heinze (keys), Tiffany López (background vocals), Tim Mcnalley (strings), Sasha Ortiz (background vocals), Anant Pradhan (saxophone), Gabriel Rowland (percussion) and Shannon Wise (background vocals, bass).

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New album: Ki! || Yong​-​Gwanglo Part One

And now for something completely different. After 2022’s well-received debut LP The Boy From Haeundae Beach, Korea-born/Denmark-raised producer/songwriter/guitarist Christian Ki Dall returns with new full-length album Yong​-​Gwanglo Part One. The title translates as melting pot, and that’s exactly what these fourteen tracks are (all originals except for a cover of Thelonious Monk’s Pannonica). It’s soulful psychedelic pop, laced with influences from disco, afro beat, trip hop and other cinematic music styles – that’s what this record feels like: cinematic. Most tunes are instrumental, but Sune Rose Wagner, Simone Tang, Charlotte Schultz and Trung Hoa Tran sing on selected tracks. It’s only a matter of time before your favorite coffee shop discovers this as an alternative to Khruangbin or Yot Club.

Yong​-​Gwanglo Part One, produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Christian Ki, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Crunchy Frog. Part two should be released at the end of this year.

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New album: Wine Lips || Super Mega Ultra

How do you follow up an album as successful as Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party? Do what you’re good at, but just a little dirtier and heavier, that’s what Cam Hilborn (guitar, vocals), Aurora Evans (drums, vocals) and Simon Larochette (bass, percussion) must have thought. Toronto’s garage punk band Wine Lips are back with their fourth full-length album, Super Mega Ultra, featuring twelve psych-drenched songs that are quite mind-blowing. Fast and furious, showy and stimulating.

Super Mega Ultra, produced by Cam Hilborn & Simon Larochette, is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP, trough Stomp Records. Also featuring Jordan Sosensky (guitar) and Charles Weare (bass) on selected tracks.

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New album: Holiday Ghosts || Coat Of Arms

Holiday Ghosts pour so much joy, inspiration in energy in their music that I kinda expected them to burn out quickly. Yet, here we are, eagerly embracing Coat Of Arms, their fifth LP since their 2017 self-titled debut, pleased to find that the Falmouth unit has lost none of its magic touch.

The sonic evolution of Holiday Ghost is palpable. They don’t merely replicate past successes but rather undergo subtle mutations and variations. Their latest record contains quintessential Holiday Ghosts songs like Energy and the amazing Big Congratulations where the band’s trademark staccato dual vocals will warm the heart of new and old fans alike. But overall, the band has refined their sound in subtle ways while maintaining their signature ramshackle charm and their loose, open approach to songwriting. At times, the music feels more relaxed, yet at others, it exudes a fiercely focused intensity, like on the angry ripper Sublime Disconnect – my current favorite on the record.

Once again, Holiday Ghosts offers the high energy life-affirming jangle garage pop that can be enjoyed on a purely hedonic level. But, if there is any doubt, Coat Of Arms shows there are multiple layers to their musical and personal identities. Clearly, Holiday Ghosts still have plenty creative fuel and passion left in the tank. On to the next five albums. We’ll be listening!

Coat Of Arms is out now through Fat Cat Records.

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Gimme 5! Dylan Gamez Citron (bedbug) Shares Five Off-The-Radar Albums

With ‘Gimme 5!’ we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: artists WE like share five records THEY love.

This Friday, bedbug will release their fourth album “pack your bags, the sun is growing” at Disposable America.If you are looking for high quality indie rock with classic emo tendencies, make a mental note to check it out later this week.

Bedbug started out as a solo project by Dylan Gamez Citron, and the new album is their first full band studio recording. On the record, bedbug has retained the heart, intimacy and spontaneity of home recording, but the record also feels thoughtful, layered and varied and, honestly, I have a soft spot for the spine tingling guitar parts.

Leading up to the release, we reached out to bedbug founding member Dylan Gamez Citron to share their influences. Listen to one of the teaser tracks of “pack your bags, the sun is growing” – pre-order here, and continue below to read and listen to the 5 picks of Citron.

New album: Groovy Movies || New House

Groovy Movies is the psychedelic pop project of Atlanta, Georgia-based singer-songwriter/musician Nick Carlisi (formerly of The Tough Shits), who made a convincing debut under this moniker in 2017 with a colorful self-titled debut LP. “I like making music and I want people to hear it, but I don’t like self promotion,” he says on his Instagram page. We are happy to take on that role, because the third Groovy Movies album New House deserves to be heard. It concerns ten folky garage pop songs written and performed by Carlisi, with help from Matt Rendon (drums, percussion, additional guitars, backing vocals). Sun-kissed, uplifting and nostalgic, guaranteeing a good time worth sharing. Standout track It’s Alright should be a big hit this summer.

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New album: Indy Tumbita & The Voodoo Bandits || A Dan​ç​a Ritual Da Salamandra

Gold seekers take note, because prolific Spanish guitarist Indy Tumbita has just made 30+ releases from several of his projects from the past 20 years available on Bandcamp. Lots of nuggets to discover. But the musician has no reason to put an end to it, so there’s also a new album called A Dan​ç​a Ritual Da Salamandra, a collaboration with the Voodoo Bandits. The ten cinematic songs – partly instrumental – are a melting pot of cumbia, garage rock, surf, exotica and psych, varied in every way and never boring. Uplifting but with an ominous undertone, a thrilling expedition.

A Dan​ç​a Ritual Da Salamandra is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Family Spree Records / El Beasto Records / Velvet Cave Records. Featuring Indy Tumbita (lead guitar, keys, vocals), Isa Mariño (percussion, background vocals), Charlie Low Freq (bass), Littos Inertte (rhythm guitar), Bora López (trombone) and Faus Caamaño (drums).

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New album: King Creeper || Adore The Chaos

King Creeper is the new project of Irish songwriter/singer David McCrum (The Couth), together with his brother Matt McCrum (lead guitar), his dad Doutsie McCrum (bass) and former Couth roadie Colin Riddel (drums). On their debut full-length Adore The Chaos you’ll hear nine groove-packed songs, dark but melodic garage psych with energising riffs, a high-powered rhythm section and magnetic vocals. Emotionally raw, a spellbinding listen again and again.

Adore The Chaos is out now digitally (self-released).

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New album: Wah Wah Wah || Burnt Crispy Beats

If you like your fuzz dirty and dangerous, you should set your sights on Seoul, South Korea. There you’ll find garage psych outfit Wah Wah Wah, featuring songwriter Suhyun Kim (vocals, guitars, bass, flute) and Wonseok Suh (drums). We previously wrote about their Oh, Wow! (2021) and Midnight Breakfast (2022) LPs, so you may know they live up to their mighty band name. On their third album Burnt Crispy Beats they take a step forward, although the eight new songs were created by looking back on old demos and show recordings (read the backstory on Bandcamp). For example, Stretched Time originated from a snippet from a random guitar solo from a jam, and the initial idea for Chihuahua came from a lost Woonghee Choi demo titled Chewbacca. Either way, they sound as fresh and inspired as possible. Exciting music, entertaining lyrics.

Burnt Crispy Beats is out now digitally via Good Boy Records.

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New album: Levitation Room || Strange Weather

At first listen, it doesn’t seem that special what Los Angeles-based neo-psychedelic pop outfit Levitation Room does, but give the ten new songs on their third album Strange Weather a few spins and a different world opens up. It’s a cosmic journey of half an hour that largely sounds dreamy, warm and cinematic – occasionally erupting, but always evoking a feeling of escapism in technicolor images. As they angelically convey in recent single Heaven: “Soft are the strings // That descend down on me.”

Strange Weather is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP, through Greenway Records / The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

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