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New EP: Brad Marino || Hot Rod Rampage

Surf's Up! Brad Marino Rides the Hot Rod Wave on His Latest EP

Who knew Brad Marino had a secret itch to scratch in the realm of hot rod ‘n’roll? While he’s been riding the Ramones wave lately, Marino trades his leather jacket for a blue-white striped tee and his garage for the beach with his latest EP, Hot Rod Rampage.

Joined by Dave Strong and Craig Sala for this joyride – with a cameo by Kris Rodgers on the piano on one track and Bobby Davis dropping in for a couple of guitar solos – Marino serves up four short-but-sweet throwbacks to the golden age of surf rock. Think Beach Boys, The Rip Chords, and Jan & Dean providing the soundtrack for endless summer days. These beach-ready hits come complete with a generous helping of “oohs” and “aahs,” and by the time the surfy instrumental Tripewire closes out the EP, you’ll be ready to wax up your board and catch some waves.

Since 2010, Brad Marino’s been proving that they “still make ’em like they used to” after all – and with Hot Rod Rampage, he is showcasing a welcome new side to his arsenal. Summer can’t come soon enough!

EP is streaming everywhere now. Rumour has it this hot rod rendition of Brad Marino will return next year for a full-length LP. Siked!

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New album: G.C.C. || Lobotomias A Domicilio

Meet Costa Rica Garage Pop Punk sensation Gold City Cigarettes!

The thrill that drives this website is discovering a new record that gets you giddy with excitement, eager to share it with the world. There’s something extra special about finding a gem from a place where your knowledge of the local scene is practically nonexistent.

Enter Lobotomias A Domicilio, the debut full-length album from G.C.C., also known as the Gold City Cigarettes, hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica. Picture this: you’re scrolling through the depths of Bandcamp when suddenly, a burst of high-energy, irresistible garage pop punk grabs your attention. That’s G.C.C. for you.

This 15-song collection is an infectious blend of catchy riffs, spirited vocals, and sheer pop punk exuberance. By the time the band’s charming rendition of Lipstick On Your Collar (made famous by Connie Francis) kicks in, you’re already head-bobbing and hooked on their unique sound. Songs like X.S.S., No Eres Tú (Soy Yo), Faro Bajo El Agua, and Agujas Y Gacillas will have you singing along, even if you’re just guessing the lyrics. These tracks are perfect for pogoing around your living room, spilling stuff on your floor and not caring one bit. And then there’s Mamapichas, a blisteringly fast track with a Banned In DC blueprint that feels like a sonic adrenaline shot, guaranteed to ignite any mosh pit.

G.C.C.’s Lobotomias A Domicilio is a thrilling introduction to a band that’s sure to make waves far beyond their local scene. So, grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and let the Gold City Cigarettes light up your day.

Album out now on Bien Malo Records.

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New album: Weeping Mist || This Train Goes To Sorrow

Sophomore LP continues from where Lonely Streets left off - literally

Another dose of moody garage psych comes from Athens, Greece, where Weeping Mist recorded their sophomore album This Train Goes To Sorrow. With this solo project, Yesterday’s Thoughts’ guitarist Spiros Megedisidis delivers sixteen(!) new original songs that are full of emotions. A look at the song titles makes it clear that this concerns dark matter, the accompanying lyrics put an exclamation mark behind that finding, with loneliness as a recurring theme. Yet it’s a wonderful listening experience, thanks to the hypnotic melodies and 60s-inspired sound full of fuzz, with amazing, distinctive vocals – gritty and heartfelt – in the center of attention. Goosebumps, but I’m not sure if that comes from admiration or fearfulness.

This Train Goes To Sorrow is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Tymemachine Productions ’67. Featuring Spiros Megedisidis (vocals, guitars, farfisa, bass) and Giorgos Vagiatlakis (drums). The new album literally continues from where debut album Lonely Streets had stopped. I quote: “You see, at the very end of that Lonely Street, there was an old train station. Just one platform in use, a few old wooden wagons, and a black rusty locomotive engine. The engine steam gets tangled up with the darkness and the blurry wet fog, creating a mysterious mist, a mist that weeps, a Weeping Mist… 16 stops… until the train reaches its destination, deep inside The Forest of Black, deep inside your soul.”

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New album: Martin Savage And The Jiggerz || Martin Savage And The Jiggerz

Fancy some good old gritty garage punk disguised as pub rock? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the self-titled debut full-length of international power trio Martin Savage & the Jiggerz, featuring singer/guitarist Martin Savage (The Blacks, the Locomotions, Tokyo Knives, The Playmobils, …) from Sweden, bassist Kamikaze U.T. Vincent (King Salami & The Cumberland Three, Chinese Lungs, The Hateful, …) from Japan and drummer Eric Baconstrip (King Salami & The Cumberland Three, The Playmobils, The Chinese Lungs, Boycott, La Perra Blanco, …) from France. The experienced supergroup has already released some cool 45s on cool labels in recent years (Time To Get Out on Folc, Between The Lines on Topsy Turvy, Runaway Train on Chaputa!, …), but with this LP (on Damaged Goods, at least as cool) we can finally enjoy them a little longer. In just half an hour you’ll hear twelve riff-driven stompers (including covers of The Stripes’ Observer, Backstabbers’ Fly by Night and The Records’ In The Eyes Of A Blind Man), straightforward, pure and unbreakable. This may be rooted in the 70s, but it makes the 20s a lot more fun.

Martin Savage And The Jiggerz’ self-titled album, recorded by Ed Deegan, is out digitally and on vinyl LP through Damaged Goods Records.

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New album: The Hollywood Stars || Starstruck

Fortunately, there are still new bands that embrace power pop and glam rock, drawing inspiration from the 70s. There is a good chance that they will then turn to The Hollywood Stars, since this L.A. band – founded by Kim Fowley in 1973 – more or less invented it at the time (their self-titled LP is a must-have). Incredible but true, the pioneers are back with new album Starstruck, easily living up to expectations. The experienced and skilled veterans from the current line-up – Scott Phares (vocals), Terry Rae (drums, percussion, vocals), Michael Rumens (bass, cello, harmonica, vocals), Jeff Jourard (guitar, vocals) and George Keller (guitar, vocals) – know exactly what to do for optimal impact. The fifteen tunes here, including two alternative versions and a cover of The Motels’ Total Control, are powerful and catchy, solid and street-tough rock ‘n’ roll. As far as I’m concerned, Am I Right Or Wrong is the biggest hit here, an absolute earworm that guarantees a big smile.

Starstruck, produced by The Hollywood Stars, Paul Roseller & Loren Molinare, is out now digitally and on CD trough Rum Bar Records.

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New single: Doctor Velvet || Road To Nowhere / Camino Hacia Ning​ú​n Lugar (feat. Tito Ramírez)

To ease the wait for the debut album of Amsterdam’s latest live sensation Doctor Velvet, the rhythm ‘n blues band releases another hot 45 with a delicious taster: new original track Road To Nowhere in two flavors. As if the English version itself isn’t spicy enough (believe me, it is), an unexpected guest from Spain joins the flipside. ‘Kink of Mambo’ Tito Ramírez, who took the top spot in my 2023 year-end list, gives the hit song a Latin treatment with lyrics sung in Spanish and a slightly different mix for some extra ‘sabor’. One more round please!

Road To Nowhere b/w Camino Hacia Ning​ú​n Lugar is out now digitally and on limited edition 7″ vinyl through Wap Shoo Wap Records.

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New album: the Retrospects || The Retrospects

A reunion show and an odd-and-ends compilation gave me the perfect excuse to write about my love for all things White Wires – arguably my most played band around 2010. While the reunion show appears to be a one-off, keep an eye out for the comp that should be out eventually on It’s Alive! Records. In the meantime, I’m thrilled to share the next best thing to new White Wires music: a solo record by White Wires frontman Ian Manhire.

Under the moniker the Retrospects, Manhire delivers synthy garage pop — a 16-bit version of White Wires, if you will. Still recorded on a budget but sounding more polished, this self-titled album is a must-listen if you want to see if Manhire still has that knack for writing infectious tunes and uncomplicated killer hooks. Spoiler alert: he does! What a fun little record this is.

Unfortunately, the record isn’t available on Bandcamp yet, but you can stream it on your preferred platform. LP is available at Record Centre in Ottawa and available for mailorder at Forbidden Beat, Goner Records and Green Noise. Meanwhile, Manhire have built a band around the project and they played their first show last week, closing out with a cover of Bruce Cockburn’s radio hit Lovers In A Dangerous Time. Find a video of the performance at the band’s Instagram, and give them a follow while you are there.

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New EP: The Currie Brothers || The Curse Of The Currie Brothers

I found quite a bit of nice surf rock in my listening pile this week, but nice isn’t good enough to bother you. New EP The Curse Of The Currie Brothers is a different story though, because with these six instrumental songs I can vividly imagine how the audience will go wild on it in a sweaty pub. Original, raucous tunes, delivered with passion. We’re talking about Andrew Currie (guitar) and Rob Currie (guitar) – hence the band name – who, together with Seamus Saunders (bass), Jared Davis (drums, percussion) and Kristian Noel Pedersen (keyboards), give the surf genre a trashy garage punk twist, and that works out very well. Dirty and dangerous, definitely worth sharing.

The Curse Of The Currie Brothers is out now digitally (self-released).

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New single: Horrible and the Saucers || Farewell Quackery!

Last month, Michael Horrible’s band, Horrible and the Saucers, made their debut at the Wantlist with their second single. I described their sound as “Buzzcocks and Zombies for the price of one,” and I stand by that description for their latest release Farewell Quackery! which dropped this week. The single features two new tracks that are an exciting outsider blend of ’60s psych and ’70s pop punk.

To state the obvious, I’m definitely on board with Horrible and the Saucers, who are conquering the planet one single at a time!

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‘New’ album: Shutdown 66 || I Wish It Could Be Shutdown 66 (Again)

Melbourne’s garage punk outfit Shutdown 66, a supergroup featuring members of The Breadmakers, The Hekawis, The Puritans and Driveway Service, put out some pretty cool releases between 1998 and 2004. Twenty years later, here is a lost album with twelve original, previously unreleased songs – at the time recorded by the original line-up – that still sound as urgent and exciting as they did back then. Raucous and dirty music, with mean guitars, an untamed organ and loud screams, just as it should be. It doesn’t really matter how old this sound is, but it fully lives up to the title, and it will always be awesome.

I Wish It Could Be Shutdown 66 (Again), restored by Mikey Young, is out now on vinyl LP trough Soundflat Records.

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