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New album: Pedico || Murder Hawai’i

Ready for some Ramones & Beach Boys worship? Can’t wait for summer? Listen to Pedico! Pedico are from New York and feature Jake (guitar, vocals), Griff (bass, vocals) and Chris (drums). They roll out lo-fi surfy poppunk’n’roll tunes that are so addictive, I can’t stop playing them. And if you are a Youtube frequenter, they have that Beastie Boys knack for making fun videos as well. [continued below]

New single: Los Pepes || Want You Back​/​Never Get It Right

Los Pepes are one of those bands where you know exactly what you get with each release: well executed sleazy UK powerpop’n’roll that is fast and catchy. I feel kinda bad that none of their releases have made it from my wantlist to my collection. That is about to change, because their latest double A-side single is all hits, zero misses. I am not even going to discuss which song on this single is my favorite. Let’s call it a hell of a draw. The 7″ inch will ship out early May. Don’t miss out on this one, pre-order now through the band or Black Wax Noise Division.

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New album: Hot Breath || Rubbery Lips

And now some heavy / garage rock, like an intense and dirty kiss at an after party that never ends. After a six track EP in 2019 the Swedish four-piece Hot Breath is now releasing a full-length LP with ten raw, energetic songs full of hooks and riffs, and great vocals by Jennifer Israelsson. Watch / listen below to awesome party banger Bad Feeling, in my opinion the biggest hit of the record, but the other tracks are also worthwhile. Out now digitally, on CD and on vinyl LP through The Sign Records. Yeah!

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Reissue: The Blast Off Girls || The Blast Off Girls EP (w/ interview)

Every now and then, you come across a release that instantly intrigues but is clouded in mystery. Case in point: The Blast Off Girls EP. Perth label Igloo Records released it earlier this month, but it sounds like it’s from a different era. Songs like You’ve Been Messin’, Je M’apelle Femme Fatale, and Wrong Side Of The Tracks would fit right in on those sixties garage/girl group compilations we all love.

The Blast Off Girls look like they are from that era as well, with band members in ’60s dresses, gogo boots and armed with ray guns. It’s a lot of fun, and I was surprised how little I could find about the release. Fortunately, I came across the FB page of one of the Blast Off Girls, Hayley Comet. I reached out, and she was kind enough to uncover some of the mystery surrounding The Blast Off Girls. Read below to find out more about this short-lived project.

New album: The Blips || The Blips

Will Stewart, Taylor Hollingsworth, Wes McDonald, Eric Wallace, and Chris McCauley: the five experienced frontmen who started The Blips together share lead vocals, guitar, and bass duties, and that works out really, really well. They wrote and recorded their self-titled debut album within a few months, but it sounds like they have been playing together for years. Above all, this LP contains ten energetic, catchy rock songs that you can never have enough of. It’s brave that they made a sequel to Wild Thing, but Throw Me Around, Yes Yes No Yes No and Same Do are even better. Hits! Out now digitally, on CD en vinyl LP through Cornelius Chapel Records. RIYL: Strange Boys, King Tuff, Nobunny, Jacuzzi Boys.

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New album: Proud Parents || At Home With…

There are at least two reasons why the new Proud Parents was on the top of my pile of new releases to check today. One: Proud Parents’ previous record was released on Dirtnap records. I essentially like every band Dirtnap puts out, and that record was a lot of fun. Two: Amos Pitsch (of Tenement and creator of one of my favorite records of the past decade) helped out with recording the record, together with some of his buddys from Dusk – disclaimer: I am interested in anything Amos is involved in.

And what a good way to start this day it is. On At Home With, the garage pop of Proud Parents blossoms as never before. The record has enough jangle, hooks, and catchy choruses to lure in the indie pop crowd, but also sufficient bite to keep the indie punk kids satisfied. I love the spontaneous nature of the record: the songs sound like they were recorded with the full band in one take and the record has the energy of a live show. But then, on closer inspection, you start to notice how well written these songs are, and how the band worked on adding harmonies and other cool elements to maximize their sound. And boy, did they succeed. There are worse places to be than At Home With… Proud Parents, and I can see myself returning to this feel good record often this year. Highly recommended. It’s available on cassette, but I sure hope they do a vinyl release rather sooner than later.

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New album: Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters || Waiting In A Corner

Melbourne rough and tumble garagerockers Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters have been steadily putting out music since 2015. They just released their 5th LP (Waiting In A Corner), but only my first taste of the band. That’s a shame, because this is an excellent record. The band plays garage rock with heavy guitars, a rock-‘n’-roll groove and the intensity of hardcorepunk (not unlike Stiff Richards), albeit at a Hold Steady pace. A pitfall with this type of music can be that the music becomes one giant boring blur of noise, but the bands deftly sidesteps that misstep. Yes, this band is loud, and yes, this band will huff and puff and break down your house. But, there is plenty of melody, variety and cool guitar work to warrant your full attention. For this  short-attention span listener, the band even gets away with two consecutive 5 minute songs in the middle of the album – Eaten Alive and Too Many Ears are simply to good to skip. If you love music that feels authentic, is intense and rocks like crazy, Waiting In A Corners is a treat. Out now through Legless Records (Australia) and next month on Drunken Sailor (UK).

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New single: Mitchell Gonzalez || Tell Me Now, Marina

‘A sound that is much easier heard than described.’ American singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Mitchell Gonzalez finds it easier to make good songs than to put them into words. Then let me give it a try. I would call his work so far acoustic folk, but this new track titled Tell Me Now, Marina is completely different (and makes me more excited): energetic garage rock with a heavy guitar and awesome organ, think of JEFF The Brotherhood. Anyway, just listen and enjoy.

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New album: Wavevom || 2500

Remember being at live shows and sensing how the a band’s energy jumps over to the crowd, and vice versa? Remember seeing sweaty people pogo and jump on and off each other? If you have trouble recalling those experiences, listen to the new “album” by Aussie garagepoppunks Wavevom. Okay, short-length LP may be a better description for 2500 since its ten songs probably will fit on a 7″. Anyhow, the record offers 10 minutes of escapism with songs that are catchy, fun and full of energy and tailor made for partying with your mates. In the end, 2500 sounds like a celebration of being alive, despite the heavy lyrical content on battling mental health.

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New single: The See-Saw || At Any Time

Folc Records is a Spanish rock-‘n’-roll label with a broad interpretation of rock-‘n’-roll that includes punk, soul, blues, fratrock and powerpop. The label is not bounded by international borders, and bands on their roster are from all over the planet. Their latest international addition is The See-Saw, an all-female trio from Kyoto (Japan) that came out of the ashes of the legendary Kansai band Nylon. It is a band that fits Folc Records to perfection. They took their name from a Setting Sons track by The Jam and play energetic and exciting garagepoppunk’n’roll. Their new two-song single is the band’s third single, but the first one released in Europe. It is a fantastic follow-up to their 2019 single on Secret Mission Records.

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