New album: Hot Breath || Rubbery Lips

And now some heavy / garage rock, like an intense and dirty kiss at an after party that never ends. After a six track EP in 2019 the Swedish four-piece Hot Breath is now releasing a full-length LP with ten raw, energetic songs full of hooks and riffs, and great vocals by Jennifer Israelsson. Watch / listen below to awesome party banger Bad Feeling, in my opinion the biggest hit of the record, but the other tracks are also worthwhile. Out now digitally, on CD and on vinyl LP through The Sign Records. Yeah!

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New EP: The Jonnybirds || The Jonnybirds

Here’s the story of how The Jonnybirds became a thing. Once upon a time, three musicians from different places stumbled across each other during the 2020 pandemic. Alan was traveling around Asia and got stuck in Seoul when Covid-19 hit, Alex was doing a professorship of German studies there, and Jinu is a Seoul native who’s a veteran in the local music scene. They were clicking quite well, so they decided to do some recordings instead of waiting on the corona virus. Because aside from Jinu, none of them had their instruments there, they were forced to limit themselves to an acoustic sound, but that became a comfortable stylistic choice. Their self-titled debut EP is now digitally available everywhere. Listen to the Radiohead-esque track Citizen Sane below (or watch the live version at YouTube), but also check out the multilingual song Riverwalk and the Nirvana-inspired Twist.

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New album: Winds || Look At The Sky

This psychedelic pop / rock band from Los Angeles, California is a great discovery. After listening to Winds‘ debut album Look At The Sky once, I immediately became a fan. At the same time I realized that it’s a record that can only continue to grow, if only because there is too much to hear to fully comprehend at once. Band members have gained experience in Lucille Furs (their album Another Land was at no. 15 in my AOTY 2019 list) and Triptides, then you know what to expect. Check out the video below for The Way You Feel to get a better idea of that, although the track Chocolat, with French lyrics (performed by Nina Antonucci), is completely different. The album is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Natural Music.

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New album: Silver Synthetic || Silver Synthetic

Expectations were high after the Out of the Darkness EP that was released last fall, but with their self-titled full-length debut album American garage-psych quartet Silver Synthetic effortlessly deliver on its promise. We already knew two of the eight songs on the LP from that EP, but the new songs are from the same barrel, with a 70s stamp on it: relaxed glam rock, wayward country licks, classic pop harmonies, driving psych, Britfolk twists and turns, and dueling guitars. A great combination, where everything is right and sounds good. Out now via Third Man Records, on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digitally.

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New album: The Blips || The Blips

Will Stewart, Taylor Hollingsworth, Wes McDonald, Eric Wallace, and Chris McCauley: the five experienced frontmen who started The Blips together share lead vocals, guitar, and bass duties, and that works out really, really well. They wrote and recorded their self-titled debut album within a few months, but it sounds like they have been playing together for years. Above all, this LP contains ten energetic, catchy rock songs that you can never have enough of. It’s brave that they made a sequel to Wild Thing, but Throw Me Around, Yes Yes No Yes No and Same Do are even better. Hits! Out now digitally, on CD en vinyl LP through Cornelius Chapel Records. RIYL: Strange Boys, King Tuff, Nobunny, Jacuzzi Boys.

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New EP: Dan Littlefield || Echo Swamp

Echo Swamp, that’s a nice and suitable title for Dan Littlefield’s new EP. The Californian singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist has already had a musical career as a bass player and folk singer, but had put music on hold for a period. It wasn’t until the initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic that he finally addressed a long running desire to learn the resophonic guitar. He immediately fell in love with the instrument and within six short months released his debut EP, Trouble on the Override. Less than six short months later there is now another 4 track EP. The man has a great voice, and his dynamic slide guitar has a great sound. He plays blues, but in a pretty funky way. Check out Capital Hill Blues below, my favorite Littlefield song to date.

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New album: Trey Batts || About Time

A lost and found funk treasure from the nineteen-seventies? That’s what I thought when I came across About Time by Trey Batts. It turns out to be a brand new release. Batts, who calls himself a child of the 70’s and 80’s, acknowledges that his sounds are heavily influenced by the artists of the era: ‘Groovy, hooky, warm, familiar and a bit quirky. Think Sly Stone, Frank Zappa, and Kenny Loggins high on Moon Pies back in 74 with a DJ kinda thang.’ This album is a culmination of ideas and musical experimentation meticulously woven together over the better part of the last decade. All songs are written, performed, produced, and engineered by Batts himself. Many hours to capture his soul into sounds, with influences ranging from psychedelic rock, funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop, fusion, and more. Listening to the result is a mind altering trip. This could just become an overlooked funk treasure, good to have discovered it already.

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New album: Hope Dunbar || Sweetheartland

Now this is a new Americana / country folk album from the Nebraska plain that deserves more attention. Sweetheartland, the second full-length by small-town preacher’s wife / singer-songwriter Hope Dunbar, is an accomplishment. Beautiful songs, visual lyrics, powerful flawless vocals, mood-enhancing musical accompaniment, great production. Listen below to the infectious earworm What Were You Thinking? (‘No, a gift card to a gas station is not a Valentine’s present’), and the uplifting tribute John Prine (‘I wish your songs were mine’), two of the standout tracks from an album worth listening to.

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New single: Mitchell Gonzalez || Tell Me Now, Marina

‘A sound that is much easier heard than described.’ American singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Mitchell Gonzalez finds it easier to make good songs than to put them into words. Then let me give it a try. I would call his work so far acoustic folk, but this new track titled Tell Me Now, Marina is completely different (and makes me more excited): energetic garage rock with a heavy guitar and awesome organ, think of JEFF The Brotherhood. Anyway, just listen and enjoy.

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New EP: Food Fight || Food Fight EP

Add To Wantlist is a ship with two captains who each sail a different musical course. As a result, we are not in each other’s way, but complement each other. In many cases we don’t understand why the other listens to certain bands, but we are on the same page for this Food Fight EP. These are four guys from France, from various other bands such as The Headliners, Cheap Riot, The Ready-Mades, and Abuse, who together strive to play powerpop / punk / mod / bubblegum in the tradition of The Clash, Real Kids, The Nips, The Nerves, and French acts like Les Calamites or Les Dogs. These four songs are a great proof of competence. Releases June 14 via Snap! Records Spain. The fact that the two opposites over here are fans, hopefully predicts a broader appreciation.

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