New album: The Baron Four || Outlying

British garage beat quartet The Baron Four return with LP number three, titled Outlying. We get twelve new songs with cheerful guitar melodies, fabulous sun-kissed harmony vocals and that characteristic 60s freakbeat sound. The musicians have mastered the genre down to the last detail, making this a rock-solid record. Forty minutes of hip-shaking music that never goes out of style. Standout track That Beat When You Walk in particular brings everything together, a sure highlight of your next dance party or holiday road trip.

is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Beluga Records / Soundflat Records.

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New album: Las Los || Las Los

Fancy some psychedelic indie soul? The self-titled debut LP from Las Los is at your service. It’s a new project by Paul Schalda (Paul & The Tall Trees, The Sha La Das) and Max Shrager (The Shacks), who first met as members of late Charles Bradley’s touring band ten years ago, here assisted by a rhythm section featuring members or Thee Sacred Souls, The Shacks and Kane & James. The record consists of ten dreamy songs, skillfully played and amazingly produced. The atmosphere is largely hazy and sultry, but by incorporating elements from other genres we’re surprised again and again. Lead single All Through The Day preceded the album a year ago, but could easily be one of the upcoming summer hits.

The self-titled Las Los album, produced/engineered/mixed by Max Shrager, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP (self-released). Featuring Paul Schalda (lead vocals) and Max Shrager (guitar, keys, background vocals, percussion), with Alex Garcia (drums, guitar), Sal Samano (bass), Ben Borchers (drums, percussion), Kane Maraday (bass) and James Maraday (guitar). Additional musicians on selected tracks: Billy Aukstik (trumpet, flugelhorn), Cassandra Dalí (background vocals), Joe Harrison (keys), Evan Heinze (keys), Tiffany López (background vocals), Tim Mcnalley (strings), Sasha Ortiz (background vocals), Anant Pradhan (saxophone), Gabriel Rowland (percussion) and Shannon Wise (background vocals, bass).

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New album: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds || That Delicious Vice

For That Delicious Vice, their fifth studio full-length of their nineteen-year recording career (and their first in eight years), Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds have been reduced to a trio, featuring Kid Congo Powers (guitar, vocals), Mark Cisneros (guitar, bass) and Ron Miller (drums, percussion, vocals). It’s a record with two faces, with primal rock ‘n’ roll drenched in psychedelic blues on side A, and more subdued, atmospheric tunes on the B-side. The first five songs roll along a straight road under a bright sun through the desert, starting with the cinematic instrumental East Of East and a duet with Alice Bag in the exciting lead single Wicked World. The last five songs reach more dense territory as night falls, slowing down the tempo and leaving room for exotic influences. Be sure to listen to the cowbell-thumping Latinate rhythms and the distorted guitar groans in the amazing acid/cumbia title track (the title is translated into Spanish as Ese Vicio Delicioso), a highlight in the band’s career. It’s followed by a few ballads, closing with extended soundscape Murder Of Sunrise (almost eighteen minutes long), which Kid claims is meant to be his ‘Barry White song’. Somehow it all works in this tasteful trip.

That Delicious Vice, recorded & mixed by Jim Waters, is out now on CD and vinyl LP through In The Red Records.

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New EP: Heavy Denim || Cereal Dreams

Heavy Denim is an indie rock band from Durham, North Carolina, featuring Greg Arent (vocals), Blake Courlag (guitar), Daniel Weiss (guitar), Matt Clayton (bass) and Steve Weunch (drums). Cereal Dreams is their second EP, featuring four original songs that are thoughtful and memorable. The rhythm section is rightly confident, the guitar riffs are passionately compelling, the vocals are magnetically charismatic, but it‘s the powerful storytelling that makes the tunes hit-sensitive, especially in the two irresistible songs below.

Cereal Dreams is out now digitally (self-released).

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New single: SYBS || Bad Old Days / Paid Gofyn Pam

New is a relative concept. Take for example Cardiff-based bilingual post-punk/slacker pop band SYBS, featuring Osian Llyr (guitar, vocals), Kieran Macdonald-Brown (guitar), Herbie Powell (bass) and Daf Adams (drums). These two songs will soon appear on their long-awaited debut album, but in reality they have been playing them live for many years. Shoegazey Bad Old Days even is the oldest song on the record – it’s about teenage feelings and experiences that can still follow and affect a person throughout their life – and although there’s been a few versions recorded throughout the years, this should be the definitive take. A pretty good one, but it’s the re-recorded version of Paid Gofyn Pam – translated: Don’t Ask Why – that in my opinion will be reason enough in itself to justify purchasing the LP, because the combination of jangling guitars, grooving rhythm section and infectious vocals is nothing more than awesome. Old or new, who cares?

Double A Side single Bad Old Days b/w Paid Gofyn Pam is out now streaming via Libertino Records.

New single: Could Be Worse || Coming Home To Stay

Could Be Worse concerns young Oklahoma City-based garage rock duo Randy Quasar and Arthur Manley, who share songwriter, guitar, drums and vocals duties. They debut with Coming Home To Stay and Time And Space, two original lo-fi songs that are primitive and ramshackle, but also strike the right chord in terms of authenticity, commitment and wholeheartedness – full of good ideas and words. A promising start, which easily exceeds the expectations aroused by the pretty cool band name.

Coming Home To Stay b/w Time And Space is out now digitally (self-released).

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New album: Mothra Slapping Orchestra || In Search Of The Swamp Thing

Mothra Slapping Orchestra is a loud rockabilly trio from Reunion Island, France, featuring Eric Cadène (double bass), Eric Julien (guitar, vocals) and Nicola Vitry (drums). You actually have to experience them live to really feel their insane mix of fast psychobilly and blues-drenched garage punk, but their new full-length In Search Of The Swamp Thing captures that energy quite well. The cover art and album title promise a blood-curdling adventure full of monsters, and the twelve songs do not disappoint – they are dirty and dangerous. The double bass takes a beating, but the dirty guitars, groovy drums and screaming vocals ensure that this record still is uplifting.

In Search Of The Swamp Thing is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Maudit Tangue.

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New single: The Night Times || I’m Leaving You

Every garage rock fan knows: night time is the right time. So you can’t really go wrong with a band name like The Night Times, especially if you continue the sound of the pioneers from the 60s as this Los Angeles-based band does. On their new 45, Anthony Melendez, Christopher Medina, Steven Frias, Sumiji Takahashi and Tanya Pelayo deliver two new fuzz-filled originals – I’m Leavin’ You and Tell Me – in which guitar, organ and screams raise the temperature. Raucous and rousing, a good time guaranteed.

I’m Leaving You b/w Tell Me is out now digitally and on 7″ vinyl through Rogue Records.

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New album: Nervous Nikki and the Chill Pills || St. Anthony’s Fire

“Baby, if you tell me its fine one more time // I will go crazy.” In the lyrics and video of Day Off we get a personal but recognizable insight into the family life of Nicole Bauza and her husband Doug Boice, respectively the singer/drummer and guitarist of Pennsylvania alt-rock band Nervous Nikki and the Chill Pills. Together with bassist Nathan Swavely and Kendal Thompson on guitar and keys, they have just released their new full-length album St. Anthony’s Fire, and it is as captivating and thoughtful as it is idiosyncratic and genre transcending. Apart from the authentic storytelling, it is the frontwoman’s heartfelt vocals – alternately singing and rapping! – that make the nine diverse songs here unique and distinctive. It works particularly well thanks to the loose musical backing, that is ramshackle one moment and groovy the next, with heavy guitars being deployed as easily as a sensitive harmonica. “There’s a chance one of these days I’m gonna write a hit song // And in the car while you’re driving you’ll be singing along // And there’s a chance the we’re never gonna make it // I ‘ll be happy by myself singing these songs down in the basement,” we hear in Here and Gone. As far as I’m concerned, several of these tunes should become hits – this album goes far beyond mediocrity.

St. Anthony’s Fire is out now digitally and on CD through Interdope Records. The title is the nickname for an illness prevalent during the middle ages brought on by poisoning from the ergot fungus found on rye. A drug derived from the same ergot fungus saved Nicole’s life a few years ago. She explains: “I was left in awe that something responsible for so much suffering and death could be used in a different way to save lives. Many of the themes in the album revolve around this play of cruelty and beauty in nature, surrendering to the roller coaster ride of life, and not confusing success with fulfillment.” That is also nicely depicted in the cover art by Catherine Hart.

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New single: The On And Ons || Looking Out Of A Mirror

French record label Rogue Records once again confirms their growing status as a reliable supplier of cool 45s. The latest single from the Australian garage/power pop-sters The On And Ons is no exception in that respect. Both A-side Looking Out Of A Mirror and B-side Hey What’s Going On?, together less than five minutes long, manage to combine quite a few proven delights and catchy hooks into earworm hits. That’s actually no surprise, because we really liked their LPs Back For More (2021) and Let Ya Hair Down! (2023) too. The band, formed in 2015 by Glen Morris (Screaming Tribesmen), his brother Brian Morris, and Clyde Bramley (Minuteman, Hoodoo Gurus), specializes in jangly guitar melodies combined with psychedelic harmonies, as invented in the 60s. Here they surpass themselves.

Looking Out Of A Mirror b/w Hey What’s Going On? is out now digitally and on 7″ vinyl through Rogue Records. The band expects to release a new full-length album in 2025.

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