New album: Frankie Traandruppel || Castling

Named after Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop, Frankie Traandruppel (Belgium) is a project by Lee Swinnen, who has a past in Tubelight, Ero Guro and Double Veterans. After several EPs, Frankie Traandruppel is finally making his LP debut with the 19-song Castling. The LP compiles four EPs: Who Is Me Is You, Octospider, Yadda Yadda and Nature Calls – The latter makes up the final four songs of Castling and is released more or less simultaneously with the LP. It includes one of my favorite Frankie Traandruppel songs yet with And I Did Love You.

Castling has much more gems like that to offer – listen below for some gateway songs. The music of Frankrie Traandruppel is probably best described as slacker indie rock where the guitar work is in constant battle between janglin’, riffin’ and rockin’. Meanwhile Swinnen’s vocals are closer to talking and reciting than singing. It’s pretty great!

Castling is out now on LP through Ronny Rex, Démarrage Records and Feles Music.

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