New single: The Drolls || Novelty Rock Monthly Singles Club, Vol. One

The Drolls (two parts ’90s pop punk band Sicko, one part ’90s altrock band Chinchilla) released an excellent debut LP last year. This year, The Drolls came up with the awesome idea of paying tribute to their favorite artists via a monthly singles club. Rather than covering originals, The Drolls opted to write songs in the styles of those bands. Based on the song titles (Kick Out The Jammies and I am A Data Scientist), it’s an easy guess who the first two bands are The Drolls pay homage to. The guess becomes even easier once you start to listen to these songs. “Kick Out The Jammies, Motherfuckers!” What a joy to hear The Drolls go MC5 and Guided By Voices.

The first installment of the Novelty Rock Monthly Singles Club is out now through Snappy Little Numbers – First 50 copies include a custom 7″ vinyl adapter. Volume 1 makes me curious what the direction will be for Volume 2. Fingers crossed The Drolls can keep this up for a long time. Given the following disclaimer, they don’t want to raise false expectations. “Band energy, creative output and vinyl supply chain issues may impact the ability to release a single every month, or even ever again.”

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