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Snappy Little Numbers wastes no time in setting 2022 off on the right foot. The label’s first release of the new year will sound instantly familiar to fans of ’90s pop punkband Sicko. No surprise, since The Drolls are made of two parts Sicko, and one part ’90s altrock band Chinchilla. What is surprising though, is how fresh the pop punk of The Drolls sounds on That Puget Sound. It has the accomplished songwriting of a veteran band combined with the bouncy energy of a gang of newcomers.

After listening to That Puget Sound for the first time, I revisited my Sicko CDs just to check for similarities.  That in itself was a blast. It still baffles me why Sicko was overlooked by so many. Perhaps Sicko was a band ahead of its time? I think the band would have fit really well in the current wave of indie punk with bands like Radiator Hospital.

Enter The Drolls, who share enough of the DNA of Sicko to draw in fans of that band – the record even includes a reworked version of the Sicko song Rehashed. But the band adds sufficient layers and melody to enthuse the modern indie punks. Ultimately, on That Puget Sound, The Drolls sound like a mix of Sicko (but at a slightly slower pace and with more mature lyrics), The Lemonheads (but faster), Superchunk and Tenement. That’s one tasty blend!

In sum: The Drolls provide us with cool tunes, great artwork, and a perfect start to 2022!

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