New EP: Bruiser Queen || Play The Welders

In our monthly cover overview ‘Dusted’, I recently wrote that St Louis, Missouri all-girl punk band The Welders deserve more fame – the reissue of their only release, recorded in 1979, is hard to find – and look now: fellow citizens Bruiser Queen cover three of their testy songs.

Last year, a friend of The Welders reached out to the garage rock duo – Bruiser Queen are Morgan Nusbaum (vocals, guitar) and Jason Potter (drums) – to play a private birthday party for Stephanie von Drasek (The Welders’ singer 1975-78). That was so much fun and successful, that they’ve now also recorded and released these tracks. Listen below to their excellent, enthusiastic pop punk versions of P-E-R-V-E-R-T, Debutantes In Bondage, and S-O-S Now. Cool to hear how the originals are being done justice and get a new life.

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PS   Great news for those who want the original work in their collection: next week Bachelor Records and Rerun Records co-release The Welders’ Our Own Oddities 1977-81 LP, a new collection featuring newly remastered and improved version of the 1979 EP tracks, along with other studio, rehearsal and live recordings. Add to wantlist!

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