New single: Tramhaus || The Goat

Last week The Moneyman came by again, not in a literal sense, but the great debut single of Rotterdam post-punk band Rats on Rafts. I wouldn’t be surprised if their fellow citizens of Tramhaus were inspired by these musical heroes, because they fish from the same pond. Where Rats on Rafts still had to pave the way, Tramhaus fits seamlessly into the current Zeitgeist and new post-punk revival.

Anyway, Lukas Jansen (vocals), Nadya van Osnabrugge (guitar), Micha Zaat (guitar), Julia Vroegh (bass) and Jim Luijten (drums) from Tramhaus continue their triumphant march, not least because they manage to deliver strong tunes convincingly. While their stages in Europe are getting bigger and bigger, they are once again releasing studio versions of songs that work so well live. After their great debut single I Don’t Sweat and the Rotterdam EP (featuring the unforgettable Make It Happen anthem) you can now also listen to The Goat and Beep Beep, both as mesmerizing, exciting and cool as can be.

The Goat is out now digitally and soon on vinyl 7″ trough Subroutine Records. More is on the way, the label promises: two more singles will be released in 2023. I wouldn’t mind if these were then bundled on a ‘best of’ LP.

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