New EP: Class || But Who’s Reading Me?

Discovering a new favorite band never gets old, especially when said band appears to be constantly writing and recording new material. Class (Tucson, Arizone) made an impactful entrance to underground music a mere 8 months ago. In that period, the band released an EP, a LP, and here is another EP (!) – out today on Tape through Feel It Records. That makes 17 songs (plus two LP alternates on the new EP) in total, and I have yet to hear a Class song I am not excited about.

On the But Who’s Reading Me EP, Class take a slightly more straightforward approach compared to their Epoca De Los Vaqueros LP. Whereas I earlier described the band’s sound as “equal doses of ’70s rock, powerpop and punk” and elements of “’60s Velvet Underground,” I think this EP tilts strongest to late ’70’s punk.

For a band not particularly lacking in contagious songs, Inspect The Receipt reveals the most poppy and catchy side of Class yet. If the rest of the EP weren’t so great, I probably would have played the song on repeat throughout the day. But the rest of the EP is THAT great. No News Could Please, for example, is the perfect opener. The first 25 seconds is a masterclass in how to start a punk song. The alternate version of Left In The Sink is another classic, shining bright in all of its familiar glory – Cockney Rebel is the other alternate LP track to close out the EP, adding some extra snottiness to the original version.

With the label (Feel It Records) hinting upon even more new Class stuff in the pipeline, what a way to start the weekend!

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