New EP: Tramhaus || Rotterdam

Dutch live sensation Tramhaus follow up their single I Don’t Sweat b/w Karen Is A Punk with a four-track EP named after their hometown Rotterdam. Opening song Make It Happen has become a classic in no time, an anthem with a bewitching melody and convincing lyrics. The title refers to the city’s slogan (“one which provokes a feeling of absurdity and disbelief when seen in the light of the harsh reality of neo-liberal policies”), the accompanying video portrays the true working-class from a less photogenic part of the metropolis (“the people so often neglected in a city which is expanding beyond the reach of the everyday people”). You’ll understand that the five band members have their hearts in the right place, and feel at home in authenticity and roughness, which probably also underlies their post-punk sound. The three other songs here – Amour Amour, Marwan and Seduction, Destruction – are heavy, dark and dangerous, guaranteed to thrill a live audience.

Rotterdam is out now on vinyl 12″ through Subroutine Records.

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