New single: Tramhaus || I Don’t Sweat

Niek’s post today about the new Vaguess record reminded me to write something about Tramhaus. Once in a while you see a band live and you know that you’re witnessing something special, something that could become big. Rotterdam post-punk five-piece Tramhaus brings about that feeling of excitement. Lukas Jansen (vocals), Jim Luijten (drums), Julia Vroegh (bass), Micha Zaat (guitar) and Nadya van Osnabrugge (guitar) radiate an unassailable coolness and pleasant nonchalance, but they play tight and hypnotic. The title of their awesome debut single I Don’t Sweat is telling in that respect (in the official video for the track the frontman is wearing a Vaguess shirt, hence the link I made). Its B-side Karen is a Punk is also quite good by the way, just like their other songs that have only been heard from the concert stages for the time being. Do yourself a favor and go see this band live. Make it happen!

I Don’t Sweat is out now digitally and on 7″ vinyl through Subroutine Records.

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