New album: Bamms || Last Chance

Last week I wrote about how Spain is the European hotbed for all things rock-‘n’-roll. In the slipstream of the new records from Anamorados (Barcelona) and Rata Negra (Madrid) we covered, here is Bamms from Hernani – a small city in the Northeastern part of Spain. Unlike the two beforementioned bands who have more punk and pop leanings in their sound, Bamms play classic and sleazy guitar driven rock-‘n’-roll. It’s the kind of music best experienced at maximum volume in a sweaty bar.  Available on black or blue vinyl at Artza Records.

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New single: Prisoner / Witchcake || Split

Dead Broke Rekerds have a high standard for their releases – at least I believe they do. Outpatient (who we recently covered), Laika’s Orbit and Notches are just some examples of bands on their roster with the intangibles to make them  stand out of the punkrock pack. This latest release, a split 7″ (limited to 350 copies, of which 100 blue/white swirl) with Prisoner & Witchcake is no exception. Prisoner (ex-Dude Jams) play futuristic garagepunk.Ten Years Done could be a Mark Ryan song (Mind Spiders, Marked Men), and that’s a good thing. On the flipside, Witchcake (ex-Grumpies/Dead Dog) offer garagerock that is slightly pop and psych oriented. Satellite is an infectious track with hit potential, and the band’s second song is a pretty great cover of The Rats’ Can’t Stand Back.

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New album: Confio En Tus Amigos || Rapida Comida

Next up in the category “I don’t understand their lyrics, but I do like their songs,” we have Confio En Tus Amigos. The band from Chile just released their second album Rapida Comida, which, if I’m not mistaken, translates to Fast Food. It’s a well chosen title for a record that offers 11 bites you can gobble up in 16 minutes. And unlike the cover suggests, the menu is more varied than you’d expect. Confio En Tus  Amigos have no issue bouncing around garage, psych, punk and even Latin influences. I don’t know about you, but I am having seconds!

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New album: Danny’s Favorites || There Still Punk

Wow. While everyone was struggling in quarantine, Trevor Lake apparently fell into a magic well full of strands of Good Vibrations and Lookout! Records DNA. Recorded last year in his basement with Aaron Mika on drums, Lake writes classic pop punk tunes as they are meant to be. Trust me, listening  to album opener Public Figure should be your #1 priority right now. It is a prime example why you should never stop digging for new music.  What a jam! Originally a 2020 self-release, Tetryon Tapes has now put it out on cassette. Fingers crossed that more Danny’s Favorites is in the works.

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New album: Rata Negra || Una Vida Vulgar

Let’s make the jump from Barcelona (see my previous post on Enamorados) to Madrid. It’s worth the trip, I promise. Una Vida Vulgar (‘A Vulgar Life’) is the third LP by the mighty Rata Negra. The band plays pop punk you can dance to, even if you cannot dance. While still very much rooted into punk, Una Vida Vulgar is Rata Negra at their most pop yet, and songs like El Escarmiento have the potential to cross over to a mainstream audience. Out now through Humo Internacional (Spain) and La Vida es un Mus (UK).

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New album: Enamorados || Baila mi Ritmo

Of all European countries, none embraced powerpop and rock-‘n’-roll music more than Spain. And Spain’s not just a fertile touring ground for foreign bands, they have many bands that stand their own in terms of catchy guitar driven music with a healthy dose of punk and rock-‘n’-roll attitude. Take Enamorados from Barcelona. Their new 8 song mini-album Baila mi Ritmo (‘Dance to my beat’) is full of bubblegum pop punk that aims straight for your heart. It’s the follow up to their self-titled debut. That one was released 5 years ago, has only 7 songs, but is much fun and you should be able to snatch it on Discogs for a budget-friendly price.  With 5 years between two releases, Enomarados aren’t the most prolific band. Perhaps they understand the allure of scarcity and delayed rewards – the band’s tagline reads ‘the favorite band of your ex-girlfriend.’ Anyhow, when they do record music, it’s right on the money. Songs like En Mi Corazón, Te Pedí Vernos are instant hits. Out now on Hotel Records.

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New EP: Ghoulies || Reprogram

Perth four-piece Ghoulies released their debut album Flat Earth last year. It was full of high octane synth punk with a healthy dose of melody to balance the relentless hyperactivity of the songs. A year later, Ghoulies return with a new EP on Goodbye Boozy records – a perfect fit if you ask me. The EP builds on the sound of Flat Earth, and yet feels like a step forward by the band in term of their songwriting skills. It’s a lot of fun, and Petey Jones’ Locker and No More Bands have the potential to become modern day punk classics. It has 7 songs that fit on one 7″ and I am adding this to the list.

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New EP: Hideous Sun Demon || Development Hell

How is your monday so far? I am pretty hyped. I just played Gimmicks by Hideous Sun Demon (Australia) four times in a row. It’s a tight angular punk tune, with repetitive lyrics full of frustration and anger delivered in a talk screaming manner. It’s perfect, and it is followed by another winning tune: Squitter. The songs on the Development Hell EP are quite the departure of older recordings of the band, which had more psychelic garage leanings. “We had grown pretty bored of our old sound. We had kinda gotten into this formulaic approach to songwriting that was defined by fuzzy guitars and doomy riffs. We were eager to adopt a wider breadth of influences, especially since Jake and Vin had bonded over their love of post-punk and new wave in their youth,” the band explains at Life Without Andy. I am totally behind the new trajectory of the band, and the four song Development Hell EP is the first release by the band that has made my wantlist. Out now through Marthouse Records.

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New album: Jakob Mind || The One Who Got Away

Last month on this site, Jakob Mind (Jakob Arvidsson from Sweden) shared 5 releases that influenced his songwriting. As I wrote in the introduction to that post, Jakob (Rotten Mind and Real Tears) is a master in hitting that sweet spot between garage, punk and power pop. That skill is on full display on his solo debut LP The One Who Got Away that is out now through Lövely Records. In slightly less than 30 minutes, Jakob Mind treats us to a strong and varied collection of tunes. Songs like Watch The City Burn, Let Them Know and Too Fast To See are fast and melodic, like the ones  Jeff Burke wrote for Marked Men and still writes in Radioactivity. They are my favorite songs on the record, and Watch The City Burn is a frontrunner for song I played the most in 2021.  Rock n’ Roll Got Me All Messed Up  also belongs in that category,  it is an irresistible garage pop nugget. The remainder of the record shows that Jakob Mind is unafraid to incorporate different styles, tempos and influences. There even is a moody postpunk  instrumental  (The Little Evil One) in the middle of the album. The album closes strongly with another standout I Don’t Wanna Be (Around) You – that chorus gets me every time. I’ll be playing this one a lot this year.

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New album: The Side Burns || Freakout 509

Rockabilly from Hong Kong, why not? Please meet The Side Burns: Ziad ‘Rumplestiltskin’ Samman (guitar / vocals), Philip ‘Wolfy Gimble’ Emond (drums / deyboards / vocals), and Paul ‘Mr. Pink’ Thompson (bass / vocals). They play an entertaining mix of country punk and greasy rock ‘n’ roll, reminiscent of The Clash. Their second album Freakout 509 is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Astral Traveller Records. The ten songs are surprisingly varied: Ode To My Lungs and Liver for example is almost a Rancid-esque song to jump on, while Tequila Blue is a sweet cocktail song with horns. Meant to play loud as you tear down a lonesome dusty road.

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