New album: Limoges || Milan Shakes, Turin Shocks

It’s always informative to see which song a band picks as the default song on their Bandcamp release page. In a world of limited attention, time and effort, you’d best make a good first impression. Italian pop punks Limoges could’ve probably picked any song of their new LP Milan Shakes, Turin Shocks, but they picked the absolute best. The Girl I’ll Meet Yesterday may have a title that is grammatically off or technically impossible, but it’s an instant classic in the pop punk canon. It’s the kind of song that will kickstart your heart, especially if you grew up on a steady diet of Mutant Pop, Lookout!, and/or Stardumb Records.

The song also is a gateway to the remainder of the record. I particularly like the middle part of the record with its 1-2-3 punch of Late Night Giaveno’s Perspective, Little Kid From Lucania, and Milan State of Mind. I also love the 80 second appropriately title album closer This Sounds Like The End. Limoges are decidely old school, seemingly unworried about what is hip or cool or happening. They are all about the melodies and the songs, and it shows.

Milan Shakes, Turin Shocks is pop punk bliss. Out now on Hey Pizza! Records (LP), Memorable But Not Honorable (Tape) and Slack (CD).

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New album: 1-800-Mikey || Plushy

Last time we checked in with 1-800-Mikey (aka Sydney-based Michael Barker), he just dropped a fun self-titled EP. The four songs of that EP and nine new tracks together make up 1-800-Mikey’s debut LP Plushy. Barker wrote and recorded all of the songs in the pandemic years, helped out by Kel Mason and Tee Vee Repairmann who picked up their drumsticks on some of these songs.

Plushy builds on the songs of the 2020 EP. Expect lo-fi garagepop that is punky, synthy and super catchy. It’s about guaranteed that 1-800-Mikey will make you bop your head and shake your ass. The record is only 20 minutes long, but feels even shorter. Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?

Physical release expected June 1 in September through Erste Theke Tontraeger (EU) and Under The Gun (USA). Fans of Jacuzzi Boys, Mean Jeans, and Radioactivity should take note.

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New album: Alfatec || A Thousand Tears

My brain made an immediate association with Minor Threat’s Filler when I first heard the opening (and title track) of Alfatec’s A Thousand Tears. Alfatec are an Italian hardcoreband from Firenze, who clearly are inspired by ‘80s American hardcorepunk – in addition to Minor Threat, Adolescents, Side By Side, Wide Awake and a whole bunch of bands that are on the tip of my tongue come to mind.

Alfatec are not lightning fast, and they are unafraid to incorporate some rockin’ riffs in their songs. But ultimately this is throwback ‘80s hardcore, with intense and heartfelt vocals. With their A Thousand Tears album, Alfatec evoke a sense of nostalgia that I don’t mind at all.

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New album: Televisionaries || Mad About You

Rock-‘n’-roll dance party starting in 1-2-3-4.

We’ve been looking forward to Televisionaries’ debut LP for quite some time, and that anticipation increased even more once we did a Gimme 5 feature with one of its members (Trevor Lake). Televisionaries (Rochester, NY) are three Lake brothers (Austin, Brendan, and Trevor) backed up by their buddy Aaron Mika on drums. Although they grew up as skateboarding punk kids, they quickly developed a taste for surf music and other early rock-‘n’-roll styles and an obsession with NRBQ, Nick Lowe & The Kinks.

Ultimately, those combined influences have lead to their debut LP Mad About You. It is an absolute blast and a time portal to the dancehalls of the ’50s and ’60s. There is a pureness to the songs on Mad About you, and at no time the old timey surfrock-‘n’-roll of Televisionaries feels inauthentic or filled with faux romanticism. Here’s a band that is not faking it, but using their talents to communicate their love for great rock-‘n’-roll and pop music.

On the dance floor, Televisionaries will challenge you to keep up with the pace of some of their songs (listen to the title track, Ultimatum and Annie), but also offer a swooner in Satisfaction Guaranteed. In between, Televisionaries aim for pop perfection, and with songs like Girls and Over And Out they succeed or, at the very least, come eerily close. Never does the record become too sappy or sugary. Instead, the band is unafraid to give their songs some welcome bite.

The Lake brothers and Aaron Mika sound in perfect harmony on Mad About You. It’s a must own and out now through Nutone Records (a division of Hi-Tide Recordings).

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Dusted || The 10 Best Cover Songs Of March 2022

Not all new music is really new, as many artists cover songs. Sometimes these are songs by their favorite artists, eg as a tribute to such a musical hero for a special reason, or they simply feel that a song deserves to be dusted and polished to reacquaint fans with great songs from the past. Other times, bands cover songs as a parody. Regardless of intent, some of those cover versions are so good or so much fun, we’d like to put a spotlight on them. Chosen from a wide range, here are – in random order – ten of our favorite covers from last month – links to the pages where you can add them to your wantlist included.

Never – since we started this website – have I seen so many good covers come along as this March. We already wrote about Night Owls’ heavy soul and dub infusedVersions, Wednesday released the nice country-gaze cover album Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’em Up, Black Midi came out with their surprising Cavalcovers EP, there was a second volume of The William Loveday Intention’s The New And Improved Bob Dylan, and so on. On the list we compiled during the month, there were 35+ covers that were good enough to share below, but we forced ourselves to be critical, with enough variety. So here again are our ten top picks!

Here Comes The Summer || Cover: Sweet Nobody || Original: The Undertones
Californian indie pop 4-piece released Five Star Diary, one of the standout tracks from their album We’re Trying Our Best, on 7″ vinyl. On the flipside you can hear a really cool version of The Undertones’ Here Comes The Summer. Irresistible catchy! Out through Lazy Perfection Records.

New album: The Chelsea Curve || All The Things

All The Things marks the debut LP of Chelsea Curve. We live in 2022, but it’s hard to place the record or the band in a specific era. The trio (Linda Pardee, Tim Gillis, and Ron Belanger) take the best parts of powerpop, punk, mod, rock-’n’-soul and everything in between to create something that sounds fresh yet familiar and fully conceived. Kinda like The Muffs took on Elvis Costello as an additional member.

What stands out most in these songs, two third’s of which were released as a steady stream of singles last year, is the sheer quality of the melodies. The Chelsea Curve are dropping hooks like there is no tomorrow. Throughout the record, The Chelsea Curve maintain a high standard and the occasional inclusion of key and horn parts give the record just that little bit extra.

With All The Things, The Chelsea Curve are here to make rock-‘n’-roll hearts beat faster. It’s out now through Red On Red.

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New album: Carly Cosgrove || See You In Chemistry

Nostalgiacore. That’s how Philadelphia three-piece Carly Cosgrove describe their sound. They are spot on, as the nostalgia is omnipresent in Carly Cosgrove. It’s in the band name based on ’00s teen TV show (iCarly), it’s in the album title, and it’s most definitely in their sound, which is heavily informed by emo, math and pop punk. And while this information may be red flags to some – admittedly, including myself, I have to admit to enjoying the hell out of the band’s debut LP See You In Chemistry.

Sure, the twinkly guitars, the soft-loud dynamics, and the gang sing alongs may sound familiar, but Carly Cosgrove display a high sense of conviction and ambition on See You In Chemistry. And just as importantly, Carly Cosgrove sound completely earnest in their delivery. This is not a band of poseurs jumping on a bandwagon but a trio of musicians that aim to take the music they grew up loving to a whole new level. The absolute winners are listeners willing to sidestep any prejudice towards the emo/pop punk genre and open to listening to this record front to back. Carly Cosgrove takes these listeners on an adventure full of surprising detours and Easter eggs. There is even a 8-minute song on the record that I never skip.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did. See You In Chemistry is out now through Wax Bodega.

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New EP: The Neuros || Debut 7″

With certain releases, you need only one look at the band’s name, location and the typeface on the album cover and you know you’re going to like it. Case in point: The Debut 7″ by Melbourne punks The Neuros, discovered to the ever reliable Faster And Louder – thanx Josh!. It’s everything you’d expect and more, and after your first tour of these three songs, you’re sure to want another ride. After your second tour, The Neuros’ members (Freya, Ben, Al, Kirk) are starting to feel like your new best mates.

The Neuros play old school punk that is fierce yet melodic. But contrary to many of the original punk bands, it’s clear The Neuros are in full control of their instruments. Listen to the shredding guitar solo (!) in (Baby) Don’t for example. Or what about the bass lines on Orchids On A Budget ? Those give me some serious Karl Alvarez (Descendents) vibes.

The Neuros Debut 7″ is out now through Shipping Steel Records, who also will be dropping what looks to be a killer LP by Skid City in a month or so.

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New single: Model Zero || Little Crystal b​/​w Leather Trap

Killer single alert! Straight from Memphis, Tennessee operates Model Zero, a four-piece including members of Jack Oblivian’s Sheiks and Ex-Cult. Three years ago, Model Zero released their debut LP on Slovenly and Black Gladiator. This two song single is their first new work in three years. It was worth the wait.

A-side Little Crystal is a decidedly weird and groovy Velvet Undergroundesque outsider R&B track with an infectious chorus. On the flipside you’ll find Leather Trap, a more traditional garage rock’n’roll nugget that is meant to be played loud and often.

Little Crystal b​/​w Leather Trap is out now on 7″ through Sweet Time, the Nashville label that also brought you Gee Tee, Research Reactor Corporation and Schizos.

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New EP: Desborde || “Todo es una mierda”

Why write 2-, 3- or 4-minute songs when you can make your point within 60 seconds? Argentinian frenetic synthpunks Desborde waste no time on their new EP “Todo es una mierda.” That title translates to Everything Sucks, but you no translator to sense the frustration the band communicates with their songs.

Of the 5 songs, 5 minute EP my absolute favorite is Panico! Play it loud!

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