New EP: Electric Rime || Electric Rime

Ukrainian indie rockers paint a nostalgic picture of a peaceful life

“We share the view // And the morning sun // Everything we knew // We must leave behind.” These are just a few lines from Everything We Knew, the opening track of Electric Rime’s eponymous debut EP, which take on an extra meaning when you know that this is an indie rock band based in Kyiv, Ukraine. That double layer applies to more of the lyrics, yet the five songs here were written before February 24th, 2022. Alina Fedorova (vocals, keys), Roma Sapielkin (guitar), Max Prosha (bass) and Jim Walt (drums) wanted to capture the nostalgic feeling about peaceful life and their youth, about the scars and losses that made them the people they are now, and that timeless approach reflects the heartbreaking current situation very well. Even without this context though, the music more than holds up. The sound is melancholic and dreamy, somewhat reminiscent of 80s pop sensibilities, with compelling singing, biting guitar playing, and a driving rhythm section that wants to move forward. This EP deserves to be heard no matter what.

Electric Rime’s self-titled EP, recorded/mixed/mastered by Kostya Puha, is out digitally.

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