New album: The Thirties || Spilt Milk

Marquette's indie well is far from running dry

Just when we thought we’d covered all the bases in Marquette’s indie hotbed, along come The Thirties. This three-piece outfit includes Raymond Little, known for his work with Liquid Mike and a highly enjoyable, witty alt-folk solo record from 2022.

Spilt Milk, the band’s third album, showcases a raw, unpolished brand of indie rock featuring gruff vocals. It’s as if classic rock got reimagined by a couple of 21st-century outsiders. The result should appeal to both old-school fans of rough-around-the-edges rock and those who prefer their Americana soaked in rock ‘n’ roll. What sets The Thirties apart is their knack for musical surprises. While their songs may seem straightforward at first, they often include an interesting sidestep – a cool bridge, an unexpected guitar solo, or a well-placed horn part. I recommend listening to the complete songs rather than doing a quick scan of the record. It’s these elements that elevate their music from good to genuinely intriguing.

Spilt Milk shows The Thirties as much more than just another Marquette band. Fans of Country Westerns should take note.

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