New single: Dumped || Slummer of Love

Short but sweet single from Larry Stackhouse out of Olympia, WA

Right now, Dumped’s debut single has a mere 13 monthly listeners on Spotify. We’re dubbing them the Lucky 13, because once you hear these tracks, you’ll be streaming them non-stop. Slummer of Love is a catchy and frantic 44-second killer punk tune, while the laid-back Francis delivers 100 seconds of lo-fi garage pop bliss. Given how concise these songs are, you might find yourself hitting that repeat button more than a few times.

Info on Dumped is scarce. It apparently is a solo project by Larry Stackhouse from Olympia, Washington, who does everything except the mastering (courtesy of Olympia Pop Rocks). Here’s hoping Larry cranks out more gems like these.

As for those 13 monthly listeners? They’re onto something. Time to join their ranks!

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