New EP: Brad Marino || Hot Rod Rampage

Surf's Up! Brad Marino Rides the Hot Rod Wave on His Latest EP

Who knew Brad Marino had a secret itch to scratch in the realm of hot rod ‘n’roll? While he’s been riding the Ramones wave lately, Marino trades his leather jacket for a blue-white striped tee and his garage for the beach with his latest EP, Hot Rod Rampage.

Joined by Dave Strong and Craig Sala for this joyride – with a cameo by Kris Rodgers on the piano on one track and Bobby Davis dropping in for a couple of guitar solos – Marino serves up four short-but-sweet throwbacks to the golden age of surf rock. Think Beach Boys, The Rip Chords, and Jan & Dean providing the soundtrack for endless summer days. These beach-ready hits come complete with a generous helping of “oohs” and “aahs,” and by the time the surfy instrumental Tripewire closes out the EP, you’ll be ready to wax up your board and catch some waves.

Since 2010, Brad Marino’s been proving that they “still make ’em like they used to” after all – and with Hot Rod Rampage, he is showcasing a welcome new side to his arsenal. Summer can’t come soon enough!

EP is streaming everywhere now. Rumour has it this hot rod rendition of Brad Marino will return next year for a full-length LP. Siked!

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