New album: Max Blansjaar || False Comforts

Layered Instrumentation and Confident Vocals Define A Powerful Debut

Max Blansjaar, born in Amsterdam but raised in Oxford (UK), grew up immersed in the local music scene, promoting and playing shows as a teenager. Now, on his debut album False Comforts, he moves beyond the lo-fi pop of his youth to create something truly impressive.

Blansjaar recorded False Comforts with Katie Von Schleicher at her home studio in Brooklyn. The result is an eclectic yet accessible collection of poppy indie rock tunes. In this interview at Musicngear, Blansjaar explains how he is inspired by bands that “do a lot with little” like Velvet Underground, Neutral Milk Hotel and Elephant 6, because it leaves room for melodies to soar. That’s exactly what you get on False Comforts. Blansjaar’s laid-back, confident vocals perfectly complement the subtly layered and commodious instrumentation, which includes bass, drums, guitar, synth, piano, and saxophone, and drops memorable melodies over them like he was born to do exactly that.

Each song elicits a unique response. The opener Saturnia is built on a bass riff that makes it impossible to sit still. Burning In Our Name starts folky but turns into a head-bopper. Like A Bad Dream sways and swoons, standing out as one of the album’s highlights. Red Tiger is a quiet song that makes you sit down and pay attention to the lyrics – another one of Blansjaar’s strengths. Life On Earth sounds like an indie hit from the ‘00s.

Blansjaar’s talent shines brightly on False Comforts. It’s the kind of record that wins you over one song at a time, and is destined to be revered by music critics and cherished by listeners alike. Out now on Cassette and LP at Oxford label Beanie Tapes.

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