New album: The Sheaves || A Salve For Institution

A Scratchy Take On Jangly Post-Punk

The Sheaves, a Phoenix-based jangly post-punk band, have followed up their debut album Excess Death Cult Time — originally released on cassette in 2022 and later on vinyl in 2023, with their new record A Salve For Institution. This release is a collaborative effort between sdz records (Paris) and Dot Dash Sounds (New York).

The Sheaves are anything but ordinary. On A Salve For Institution, they expertly challenge and tease their audience. The album is just the right amount of lo-fi, featuring scratchy, dissonant guitar work and a vocal style that borders on spoken word. Some tracks are trippy and make your mind wander, while others feel like being lost in a desert, thirsty and disoriented.

But if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded—not just with some catchy tunes but with a burst of creativity that makes this album special. The Sheaves take you on a unique musical journey that’s well worth the trip.

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