New album: Wild Yaks || Monumental Deeds

Nearly twenty years into their career, the Rockaway Beach musicians up their game on versatile sixth LP

Monumental Deeds, the sixth album by New York-based indie rock outfit Wild Yaks, contains ten new tracks that are difficult to categorize but easy to embrace. Jose Aybar (bass, vocals), Jairo Barsallo Rubio (lead guitar, vocals), Robert Bryn (vocals, rhythm guitar), Martin Cartegena (drums, vocals), Giovanni Kincaide (keyboards, vocals) and Jeff Tobias (saxophone) explore themes of hope and self-awareness in their lyrics, which stick effortlessly to the countless hooks. The song structures are complex and diverse, the playing is energetic and expressive, the vocals are potent and powerful, and the sound has an uplifting live feel but is always well thought through.

Monumental Deeds, produced by Jack Dawson and Wild Yaks, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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