New EP: Big Life || If You Like Bad Ideas, It’s a Very Exciting Time

Big Life consists of Dan Nixon on vocals, Ryan Allen (Extra Arms) on guitar and backing vocals, Sean Gauvreau (Grey Gardens/ex-Black Dahlia Murder) on bass and backing vocals, and Jordan Vonzynda (member of Hidebehind/ex-Due North) on drums. Their second EP If You Like Bad Ideas, It’s a Very Exciting Time is out today on Setterwind Records.

Sonically, Big Life firmly plants one foot in the ’80s Dischord Records roster, echoing the sounds of Dag Nasty, Rites of Spring, and Embrace. If, like me, you’re into these bands, it’s thrilling to see Big Life keeping that torch alive. While their 2023 debut EP felt more like a tribute to their influences, the new 6-song EP showcases a band that has truly found its own sound.

Lyrically, Big Life doesn’t hide their 21st-century identity. The title itself, If You Like Bad Ideas, It’s a Very Exciting Time, is spot-on. Thematically, the first two songs deal with a desire for change and making a positive impact, yet falling short. The line “I’ve got a NPR tote bag man, to show how much I care,” definitely got a smile out of me. The second half of the EP critiques our “growth-at-all-costs, rot economy underneath the brilliant future that tech billionaires are trying to sell us.” Whatever your thoughts on today’s society, political climate, and the state of the planet, the ground for the emergence of socially conscious punk and hardcore bands is as fertile as it ever was, and Big Life is stepping up in a big way.

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