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For years, we wrote about releases recorded during the pandemic, acknowledging the profound impact of remote recording, isolation, and prevailing dread on the music’s sound and themes. But we rarely mention that an album was recorded post-pandemic and how that context may have affected it sound.

In case of the new Extra Arms, playing together again clearly fueled the band and the infectious enthusiasm and energy shines through. Never a band lacking anthems or hooks, it feels like each and every song on RADAR has the power to reverberate through any building, whether it’s your parents’ basement or your local hockey arena. Extra Arms sound entirely comfortable with who they are, showing that when your songwriting is this solid and your musical compass this well calibrated, you don’t need gimmicks or complex chord progressions to standout. Extra Arms just play their hearts out, guaranteeing a good time for all.

On RADAR, Extra Arms match a modern sound with classic power pop influences, and have the potential to enthuse fans of ’80s powerpop, 90’s punk rock, 00’s indie rock as well. They even sprinkle some alt-country influences here and there. Perhaps the beauty of RADAR lies most in its honesty and straightforwardness. If you like your music catchy, uncomplicated and rockin’, Ryan Allen and his Extra Arms are your go-to band.

RADAR is out now on CD and LP at Setterwind Records.

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