New album: The Prisoners || Morning Star

I recently (indeed, finally) read Eddie Piller’s highly recommended book Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances, which sent me falling deep down a rabbit hole of mod-related music. A very pleasant wandering, where I also put my old LPs (from their own label, Own Up Records) of The Prisoners back on the turntable, and look at this well-timed news: now there is even new work. The original line-up of Graham Day (vocals, guitar), Allan Crockford (bass, vocals), Johnny Symons (drums) and James Taylor (Hammond organ, vocals; these days also involved in the Guy Hamper Trio) returns with Morning Star, the band’s first album since 1986’s In From The Cold (which was released on Piller’s Countdown label). These are fourteen fresh songs of around three minutes, just like back then recorded within two days, with that immediately recognizable sound. The skilled craftsmen guarantee energizing Who-like riffs, soulful harmony vocals and a groovy organ adrift, a tasteful treat in all respects. Mod never goes out of style.

Morning Star is out now on CD through JTI Records.

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