New album: Lunchbox || Pop And Circumstance

Remember MTV Cribs, the reality show where celebrities graciously invited us common folk to marvel at their obscenely lavish mansions and extravagant lifestyles? I’d love to see an indie version of the show, and my first guests would undoubtedly be Lunchbox’s Tim Brown and Donna McKean. This dynamic duo has been crafting top-notch underground pop records in their Oakland, California home for over two decades, and stepping into their world would be a fascinating peek behind the curtain of their creative process. I can already imagine losing myself for hours exploring their eclectic record collection, which spans everything from ’60s/’70s AM-radio pop and TV show theme music to punk, C86, and mod.

These diverse influences shine through brilliantly on the outfit’s latest LP Pop And Circumstance, arguably one of the finest LPs to come out this year in underground pop. While firmly footed in indie underground history, Pop And Circumstance also sounds extremely radio friendly. It’s packed with tracks that could easily dominate the airwaves and climb the charts in a more just world – not in a small part due to the generous use of horns, organs, handclaps and an abundance of prime quality hooks. Lunchbox deliver their songs through a sepia filter, evoking a sense of nostalgia and good old-fashioned fun, yet there’s an authenticity to their sound that sets them apart from mere retro imitators.

While Pop and Circumstances offers a wealth of potential singles ready to improve your next playlist, it above all is a great and endlessly enjoyable album from start to finish –  skipping any of these dozen tracks would be offensive. CD/LP available now at Slumberland Records!

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