New single: Swansea Sound || Markin’ It Down

As a collector I regularly visit record stores, which makes it easy for me to lose myself in the experiences so starkly depicted in Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity and Rachel Joyce’s The Music Shop. Thanks-no-thanks to Discogs, every seller knows the top price these days, so you’ll hardly stumble upon any bargains anymore, although Hue Williams may know where you can still find them. In a new video we see him as an eager customer in a second-hand record shop, in duet with an everything-already-heard-unimpressed Amelia Fletcher behind the counter, and their fellow band members who hum along to the infectious chorus.

You’ll recognize Welsh indie pop supergroup Swansea Sound, who’ll give one of the standout songs from their sophomore Twentieth Century LP an extra life on Record Store Day, and that’s appropriate and appreciated in every respect.

Markin’ It Down will be released on April 20, 2024 (Record Store Day), digitally and as a limited edition lathe-cut 7″ vinyl single, through Skep Wax Records.

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