New album: A Country Western || Life On The Lawn

For a split second I thought Country Westerns (Nashville) had a new record out, but the Life On The Lawn LP/CD/Tape is by A Country Western, a completely different outfit that formed in 2017 in Philadelphia.

Life On The Lawn is my first taste of the band, and I’m intrigued. Thematically, this is very much a 2024 record, touching upon concerns about the environment and our digital age. Musically though, A Country Western takes a more old fashioned approach: Life On The Lawn is best experienced front-to-back as one cohesive piece of art- a bold choice in our current playlist era, and one I fully endorse. But even when your attention span (or time) is limited, you’ll be happy to find A Country Western smart enough to infuse the record with its fair share of singles. For example, songs like like The Dreamer, How Far (ft. Winter), Magnetic, and For A Voter make an immediate impression, showcasing A Country Western’s rockin’ and anthemic side.

I am leaning towards slacker indie rock when describing A Country Western, though I am unsure whether it is a fair one given their diverse sound. The band can do loud guitars proud and well, but they can also seamlessly transition to introspection and write a mean pop melody as well.

Life On The Lawn is a record worth diving into. It is out today at Crafted Sounds.

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