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Burned out and bored with their respective day jobs, Johnnie Carwash (Lyon, France) decided to shake things up and revive their spirits through the power of music. The result is the invigoration and thoroughly enjoyable No Friends No Pain LP – available today courtesy of Howlin’ Banana Records.

The record, which follows Teenage Ends (2022), bursts at the seams with energy. The garage pop/indie punk tracks bounce off eachother nicely, each one widening your smile and opening your heart. At times Johnnie Carwash evokes shades of The Exbats, as both acts shine by weaving timeless pop melodies with a charmingly naive garage aesthetic – listen to Stuck In My Head for example. Oh, and if you’d like to know more on the whole quitting their job story, sit back and enjoy their employment liberationg anthem What A Life.

Are you growing impatient waiting for summer to roll around, just hit play on this LP, and suddenly, everything will feel right again.

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