New album: Country Westerns || Forgive The City

Country Westerns’ debut LP was one of the finest LPs of 2020. It made #3 on my year-end list, where I dubbed the Nashville band’s sound as “Twangy rock for punk dads.” I think that description still holds for the follow-up Forgive The City which is out now through Fat Possum. The lines between punk rock, classic rock and americana on the LP again is razor thin while the songwriting remains razor sharp. The blue collar, honest gravel of Country Westerns singer Joseph Plunkett (of Gentlemen Jesse & His Men and The Weight fame) signals many lives lived. Plunkett gives the songs an emotional heft and is a perfect companion to the awesome instrumentation on the record. Country Westerns have acquired  new layers and depth.

Forgive The City is the kind of record that I can’t wait to experience live in a small venue. To just watch, take in the words, and admire the playing of instruments. With certain bands, there is no need for peacocking, for acting tough or theatre, the music speaks for itself. Country Westerns belong in that category. Or like they sing in their new theme song “Call it something or call it nothing. You know it’s always been Country Westerns for me.”

Forgive The City is a grower that already has me in its grasp.

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