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Where to start with explaining a record as diverse and ambitious as Casual Technicians’ self-titled debut LP? Perhaps with the creators Tyler Keene (And And And, Log Across the Washer), Boone Howard (The We Shared Milk and the Boone Howard band), and Nathan Baumgartner (And And And)? Three songwriters, three different voices, one piece of the puzzle found. Second piece, they wrote and recorded the 19 songs at Howard’s Chittenango, NY farm, “surrounded by turkeys and sheep and beautiful upstate scenery.” Perhaps this explains the dazzling display of creativity?

I could go on analyzing this record like this, but we’re not Pitchfork, and honestly I lack the words and understanding of what the hell is going on, and what makes this record so special. Smile-era Beach Boys and the early Elephant 6 discography are some of the reference points provided for this LP and they make sense. But do they suffice? I think I’ll leave you with some of the mental notes that I made while listening.

* This opening track is amazing.
* Wait what, how many singers does this band have?
* Is this still the same band? Checks whether Shuffle function has been automatically switched on again.
* Not sure I like this one.
* Where is this record heading towards?
* Checks whether Shuffle function has been automatically switched on.
* This is the best Sufjan Stevens song I’ve heard in ages.
* Love that nineteen second instrumental!
* Checks whether this is still the same album. What? 19 songs?! 47 minute playing time?
* Feeling proud for not having skipped any of the songs yet.
* This one’s pretty special.
* Checks whether Shuffle function has been automatically switched on.
* Damn these dudes are talented.
* Should let Dennis know I am going to write about this record.
* How am I going to write about this record?
* Let me check that first track again.

Casual Technicians is out now on Tape at Repeating Cloud Records. It’s an underground gem.

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