New EP: Sanity of Illusion || Another Day

Sanity of Illusion is a psychedelic indie rock band from San Diego, California, fronted by Steven Garcia. Their new EP Another Day contains four shoegazey tracks, layered and complex, dark and hazy, but captivating and enchanting. From “Never have I heard from you before // I think it’s time to go to war // No one around to keep me warm // So I want to thank you once more” in the title track at the beginning, to “We looked at the sky // And that was the last goodbye // And that was the last goodbye // And that was the last goodbye / I cry” at the end, this is an emotional fit with a gloomy autumn. A full-length album with more of where this came from will be released later this month.

Another Day is out now digitally via Cloud Mod Records/Modern Girl Records.

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