New single: Herr Wade || Dropping Beats Not Bombs

Herr Wade is the ‘sophistipop’ outlet of Norwegian musicians Jørn O. Åleskjær and Sebastian Voss. For the latest addition to their ‘WorldWideWadeland’ project, they enlisted the help of UK singer-songwriter Chris Free (The Sound of Pop Art, The Users, A Craze), who released his new album Shapes & Shadows earlier this year. That collaboration led to the energetic power pop hit Dropping Beats Not Bombs, a pleasantly jangling plea for peace. B-side side Sanduhr is a German-language version of the track Tio Knivar (translated: ten knives), which last spring was the first of the series of singles with participation from abroad, then with Johan Lundgren from Sweden.

Dropping Beats Not Bombs is out digitally via Bureau Platiruma!!!.

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