New album: Night Court || Humans!

Let’s start the weekend off right. We announced it last month, now it’s here! ATW darlings Night Court have a new record out! It’s called Humans! and is a totally lo-fi & DIY affair coming straight out of the band’s home build garage recording studio in Vancouver. Humans! sounds like the logical next step for Night Court after their highly acclaimed and much beloved Nervous Birds duology. That duology came with the spontaneity and excitement of a new band recording six handfuls of songs in just a couple of manic recording sessions. The 16 songs on Humans! sound just a tad more deliberate and accomplished in comparison. Like the band took a little more time in writing and recording the songs.

Rest assured, Night Court haven’t sacrificed the thrill of listening to their music. From opener What’s It Like To Be A Bat, Man? to closer S.O.S. (the ABBA song? YES), Night Court will put a huge smile on your face and turn you into a bobblehead action figure on a pogo stick. Humans! is full of tail waggin’ anthems for the underdog. It celebrates the imperfections of being human and makes being a reject, outsider, zero or dropout sound joyful and aspirational. I love how Night Court drummer Emilor Jayne puts the human experience in perspective in this (recommended!) piece from The Big Takeover: “As we are 70% water, we are essentially cucumbers with anxiety.”  Or like Jiffy Marx sings in Predator: “I don’t care what you think, but I care about you.” In this imperfect world, Night Court sounds like a perfect gang of friends to have. And the amount of heart, empathy and fun they pour into their distorted scratchy pop songs, make Night Court one of my favorite bands around right now.

Humans! is out now on LP through Debt Offensive and Snappy Little Numbers.

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