New album: Night Court || Nervous Birds! Too

Last December we proudly premiered Night Court’s debut album Nervous Birds! One, just in time to crack my favorite records of the year. We explained back then, and it’s kinda self-explanatory from the title, that Nervous Birds! One was always meant to be followed up and is in fact part of a duology. Now, within 6 months, part two is already here. Given the sheer awesomeness of part one and the fact that Night Court recorded all songs of the duology in three manic, hyperfocused and creativity bursted sessions, the only way part two would suck is if they’d put all their best songs on Nervous Birds! One.

But no, you need only one round trip of Nervous Birds! Too to realize the band has spread the wealth evenly. That round trip only takes 15 minutes or so, in which Night Court treats us to 13 additional sweet lofi indie/punk/pop nuggets. With most songs recorded in one or two takes at most, the spontaneity of Night Court is contagious and one of the band’s biggest assets. It certainly helps that the band throws a hook at you every few seconds and restrain their songs to the interesting parts only. I wish more bands took that approach. Night Court is always soaring, never boring.

In short, if you’ve liked Nervous Birds! One, you will like Nervous Bird Too (too). If this is the first time you hear Night Court, I sorta envy you. There is such a joy in discovering this band. Below are some portals to the Night Court universe, arbitrarily picked because, let’s face it, most of them are hits.

Nervous Birds! Too will be out on Cassette through Snappy Little Numbers and Debt Offensive. Fingers crossed that 1) Night Court’s duology ever gets pressed on vinyl (or CD at the very least), and 2) this won’t be the last release by the magic combination of Jiffy Marx, David Soul, and Emilor Jayne.

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