New album: Datenight (US) || Mother’s Day

Datenight (US) threw a big rock in the indie rock pond in 2018 with their LP Comin’ Atcha 100MPH. I immediately took a liking to the punked up slacker approach of the Nashville band. Songs like Poor Exchange and On The Block felt like a breathe of fresh air to both the punk and indie rock scenes. The band released the follow-up Is This Also It in 2020, a record I have no recollection of having heard. My bad, have to correct that.

The thing is, Datenight (US) have just released a new record that is claiming my attention and is keeping me busy. It’s called Mother’s Day, and has 12 songs that may be less punked up, but still sound pretty raucous and hyperactive. Like Night Court, one of our favorite new act of late, Datenight (US) doesn’t really waste time with the songs on Mother’s Day. They cut away all unnecessary and boring parts. The guitars are buzzing, the vocals are scratchy, the hooks are so sharp they will draw blood, and the production is messy, fuzzy and lo-fi. In short: Great stuff!

One of the songs on Mother’s Day is called Too Cool To Care. I am not sure if that is meant tongue in cheek, but Datenight (US) sound so much cooler than your average indie rock band. Mother’s Day is one hell of a record!

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