New EP: Swansea Sound || Music Lover

Obviously we really liked Swansea Sound’s 2021 Live At The Rum Puncheon LP, with which band members Amelia Fletcher (vocals), Hue Williams (vocals), Rob Pursey (guitar, bass) and Ian Button drums) also indicated not to be a big fan of corporate business. So I was somewhat surprised that they release their new 3-track EP on a Christmas card, featuring notorious faces from the dark side in the accompanying video. When I then heard the sarcastic lyrics, it became clear how we should see this. The brand new lead single Music Lover is a short, punk pop tribute to Daniel Ek, the co-founder and CEO of Spotify who earns much more more from music than the artists on his platform. The song is a hell of an earworm, which other musicians will sing along loudly. The CD also includes Happy Christmas To Me and Cheap Trick cover Merry Christmas Darlings, previously released on a limited edition 7″ single that sold out quickly last Christmas.

The Music Lover EP is out today digitally and on CD in a Christmas card through Skep Wax. You can have the card signed by the band, or left blank so you can write your own festive messages to loved ones.

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PS  Swansea Sound will release a new full-length in 2023!

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