New album: Farewell Horizontal || Tales Of Woah

This is the third time we we write about Melbourne duo Farewell Horizontal. In part, this is due to the prolific nature of the band. Anytime they have recorded ten songs they are content with, they drop a new album. Tales Of Woah is the latest – their fourth in two years. There are a lot of reasons why I feel Farewell Horizontal needs more listeners. Their integrity is one: the band prefers an old school website over social media and donate about all of their proceeds to good cases. Their sense of humour’s another. The band’s blogpost with track-by-track commentary on the new album is recommended reading, full of lines like: “My mum is from rural Ireland. Long story short, I have an accordion.”

But I don’t just write about this band because they are good and funny human beings. Their music is simply too good to ignore. Tales Of Woah is 28 minutes of indie rock goodness. Ten mostly upbeat songs “about existential crises, old computer games, cynicism, voyeur landlords, sellouts, having a cold in summer, the struggles of the DIY artist, and arseholes who live by the sea.” That last part refers to Brighton’s Full Of Arseholes, the first of several standouts on the record. My favorite part of the record is the hit dense sequence of The System Works, I Don’t Understand Anything Anymore and Never Give Up (Unless You’re an Asshole).

According to the band, Tales Of Woah is their best record yet. They are not wrong.

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