New album: MICH || Nuts

Amsterdam-based indie pop band MICH is back with their third album, simply called Nuts, just as short and sweet as their tunes. In less than half an hour, the five-piece delivers twelve bouncy songs with cheerful melodies and gloomy lyrics. The music has a melancholic 1980s feel, with rhythmic synths, jangly guitars and dreamy vocals. The sound is more summery than autumnal, but I guess this would also work very well at an illegal dance party in a barely lit warehouse in the middle of the night.

Nuts is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP (picture disc) through Excelsior Recordings. On the record you hear Pieter Janssen aka Piet Parra (you also may recognize his artwork), Sofie Winterson, Bastiaan Bosma (Aux Raus), Rimer London and Mick Johan. Live on stage the band consists of Sofie Winterson, Bastiaan Bosma, Mick Johan, Benny Komala, Marc Kniphorst and Barend Brieffies.

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