New single: Miesha And The Spanks || I Can’t Wait / Dig Me Out

Miesha And The Spanks are a duo from Calgary – Treaty 7 Territory to be precise, but more on that later. Miesha refers to Miesha Louie, The Spanks are a nod to the revolving cast of drummers that supported her on stage. Her latest and longest partner is Sean Hamilton. The two play a powerful brand of soulful garage rock that sounds kinda huge and full of hit potential. The first time I heard I Can’t Wait, I was blown away by Miesha’s voice. The song is super catchy and honestly should be a major hit. If you’re like me, this song alone makes you want to buy this 7″ asap.

The flipside Dig Me Out again showcases Miesha’s amazing voice, but is  much darker and emotionally heavy. The song is a tribute to the lost children of North American residential schools. Those schools aimed to “kill the Indian in the child”, and while this is bad enough in itself, those schools did much much worse than that. The discovery of 215 unmarked graves in the former Kamloops Indian Residential School is just one of many examples. These atrocities are unfathomable and hard to think about, and yet it important to learn about these dark facts*. Miesha And The Spanks show that music can be a powerful tool to raise awareness. Make sure to watch the video to the song.

Buy this 7″ at Reta Records.

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* The Kuper Island podcast (CBC) was hard to listen to, but taught me a lot about these residential schools

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