New EP: Dead Chic || Bastion Session

If you like intense music full of emotions, you definitely should listen to new French outfit Dead Chic. Initially it was a project of Andy Balcon (Heymoonshaker) on lead vocals / guitar and Damien Félix (Catfish) on guitar / backing vocals, now they are joined by Rémi Ferbus (Kimberose) on drums / backing vocals and Mathis Bouveret-Akengin (Catfish) on keyboards / backing vocals. They adequately describe their music as heavy soul, but you also hear garage rock fuzz, spaghetti western frivolity and indie rock guitar outbursts. In January this year the skilled four-piece recorded and filmed a live session at Le Bastion (Besançon, France), of which 3 tracks – Ballad Of Another Man, Good God and my personal favorite Too Far Gone – now have been officially released. Impressive, raw and dark songs with a clear sound, clever poetic lyrics and awesome gritty vocals, that hit me hard and give me goosebumps. I’m an instant fan and really want more of this.

“In all my letters // I’ll sign off my name // As the one who robbed freedom from the fame of the indecent and bastard child of pain // Who swapped patriotism for culture without thought or shame.”

The Bastion Session EP is out now digitally and on CD through Upton Park, including a studio version of Too Far Gone.

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