Throwback Thursday: Salamander Tales || Miles Away

Strolling through the new releases on Bandcamp, I stumbled upon Salamander Tales, of which a 6-track EP was put online last week. I thought I discovered a cool new band, but my bad: after contacting them I understood that I must have overlooked the Atlanta trio in the 90’s. Of course co-founder / songwriter / guitarist John Shipley is right in his remark: “I don’t care if a piece of music was written yesterday or 50 years ago, if it’s good it’s always going to be good. If it’s a piece of music I never heard before, to me it’s new. And to be cool it doesn’t have to be written yesterday.” And so I’m sharing the Miles Away EP here after all, over 20 years later. This is delicious and irresistible jangle pop/rock that still sounds very fresh. Shipley explains that Salamander Tales came together at the time to satisfy a drive inside: “When you have music in you, it’s hard to let it just stay there. (…) Coupled with the music was the desire to take the opportunity to say things that mean something personally and hopefully also to others.” For me that’s still the case. Moreover, this is also a reminder that there’s still a lot of good music – new music – to be discovered in the past.

“Who wants to know where hope is // Who wants to know where love is // Who wants to know where life is // Who wants to know where time is // Who wants to know where trust is // Who wants to know where God is // Miles away, miles away, miles away from here”

Miles Away is out digitally (self-released). Add to wantlist: Bandcamp (Salamander Tales will be posting more albums soon, including new material!).

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