New album: West Coast Music Club || Faded Scrapbook

Just half a year after their previous album Take A Deep Breath (featuring the amazing single Jenny’s Still Got (What It Takes), remember?), here’s the fourth full-length from UK indie pop trio West Coast Music Club. The beautiful title Faded Scrapbook reveals the central theme of the ten new songs: their poetic lyrics deal with dreams and memories, regret and longing, faith and satisfaction. The words of Fanclub Favorite could have been ours: “We can’t forget the joy that we felt // You soundtracked our lives don’t you know what you meant.” We enjoy this Hotel California: “I asked you if you knew what ‘Tiffany-twisted’ meant // Or what ‘colitas’ were, you smiled and said Who cares? // This song is beautiful, kiss me, kiss me make you mine.” And the title track, advising to turn the page, also applies to this LP: “Around the corner something new no certainty of lasting.”

This is varied guitar-driven music that switches between dreamy jangle pop, psychedelic shoegaze and uplifting power pop. Songwriters Martin Adams (vocals, guitar) and Peter Madden (guitar, bass), together with Marc Joy (drums, bass), have delivered a small masterpiece that won’t lose its color for the foreseeable future.

Faded Scrapbook is out now digitally and on CD through 72rpm Records and Kool Kat Musik.

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