New album: Bad Mojos || Songs That Make You Wanna Die

Schwitzerland’s loudest and craziest Bad Mojos may be covert nice guys after all. On the left top corner of the front of their new record they offer a kind nudge to record store owners: File under Garbage Punk. It arguably is the most benign aspect of Songs That Make You Wanna Die, the follow-up to 2018’s  I Hope you OD. It has song titles like Cold Blooded Murder, I Wanna Be Rejected, and Summer Of Hate, which makes you wonder if Bad Mojos is fueled by self-destruction and self-hatred, or if they just want to troll – though arguably, who doesn’t appreciate a good old anti nazi song like Nazi Hunt?

But for a band so desperately seeking to rub hairs, they have made one capital mistake. Songs That Make You Wanna Die is way too catchy and likeable to be overlooked. The record contains 17 garagepunk hits in less than 32 minutes. Those hits channel the effective simplicity of Ramones and The Spits, build with bloody hands strumming a buzzsaw guitar with the amp up to eleven, beating the drum kit to pulp. Rather than eliciting a death wish, these songs makes you feel alive and full of energy. Pissing people off and self-destruction usually doesn’t sounds this much fun.

Songs That Make You Wanna Die is out now on vinyl through Voodoo Rhythm Records.

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