New single: Lonely Girls || Reflections

Dutch drummer Kees Schaper has been playing as a live/session musician behind artists like Tim Easton, Jett Rebel and Tim Knol for over 15 years, but I mainly know him from garage rock band The Miseries: their self-titled album was number 11 in my year-end list of 2015, and live they were also very entertaining. I still hope that one day this will be continued, but for now Schaper has started a new project under the moniker of Lonely Girls, in which all lessons learned come together. Reflections, the A-side of their first single, is a classic melodic power pop song in which the complete expert bag of tricks is opened to reach perfection in two and a half minutes. The B-side is a nice folky cover of Nick Lowe’s Lately I’ve Let Things Slide, which does the original more than justice. With this, Lonely Girls will quickly find company.

Reflections is out now digitally and on limited 7″ vinyl through I Love My Label / Milkcow Records.

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