New album: Casper Television || Basic Cable

All we know about Casper Television is that it’s a New York City based band (Sharon Ettinger on vocals, Sei Smith on guitars and vocals, Vladyslav Svyrydenko on bass, and Alexander Altskan on drums), that they don’t take themselves too seriously (they say they formed after meeting at a charity golf tournament where they were the only ones who showed up, and then started making music, music meant for feral children), that they have guts (they kick off their new album Basic Cable with a cover version of classic Whole Wide World, and then put their own songs against it), and that they are open to commercial collaborations (they pretend their videos are sponsored by major brands – All Your Thoughts would be a partnership with Ford (NB this is one of the two songs previously featured on Mistakes and Other Takes, a collection of songs from 2018). Anyway, forget this thoroughly researched background information and take a listen: this is catchy, rambling indie rock, with great hooks, and the combination of female and male vocals works really well. The six original songs can compete with the four covers (besides Wreckless Eric, they also do The Moldy Peaches, M. Ward, and King Princess). Fun, no more, but certainly no less. For fans of Holiday Ghosts, Jeanines, Dude York.

Basic Cable is out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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  1. @Calipso: We are always on the hunt for new music; we follow a lot of bands and labels on Bandcamp and also roam around there, we subscribe to playlists and YouTube channels, we read magazines and newsletters, we get emails from labels and artists, etc. 🙂

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